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Switchback city

In central Oregon if you are headed uphill from Springfield along the Makenzie pass beside the Makenzie river, shortly after passing Blue River, the OLD Makenzie Pass will bear off to the right and meander through the woods until it comes to the base of a box canyon. The early road makers were not to be defeated though. They switchbacked up the canyon wall to come out on top of the lava fields behind Three Sisters mountains. The road continues on across the lava then alongside the lava field then through the woods to the town of Sisters, not far from Bend.
If you are going up this road with a Ural rig you will probably be in first or second gear all the way to the lava fields at the top. Coming down I recommend second gear, first gear if you have not got a front disc brake. Sharp turns and short straights dominate the climb. There is a lava stone structure at the top where you stop and view the surounding territory. I have done this road on Honda and Harley but it really is a Ural type road.


He's right about the switch backs, on some of them you can check out your tail lights to see if there working, there VERY tight and if your unlucky your going to come upon a cager that is towing a trailer that didn't read the signs trying to figure out how the heck he going to make it, can't go forward and can't go back.
The structure referred to is a huge round beeehive shaped lava rock dome and you can see for miles, it has a info station giving locations and names of the surrounding mountains, on the edge of this mound they cemented in small pipes that you can look through to see the different areas of interest, all in all it's a very interesting ride, we went on over and headed to Bend which is nothing like the West side, West side is a humdinger.


That's Deadhorse Grade you're describing on the W side of the McKenzie Pass and the road is OR 242.

For a really fun day, combo that with the Cascade Lakes Highway that runs south out of Bend, then take the Crescent cutoff to OR 58 to Oakridge. At Oakridge, go north on the Aufderheidi Scenic Byway, which is USFS 19, I believe. That dumps you out onto OR 126 to the west of the burg of McKenzie Bridge. Go E on OR 126 about 15 miles and turn onto OR 242.