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Switch bikes...or transfer farkles?

I ride a 2007 R12GS. In the time I've had it I've farkled it to the point where it's pretty much exactly what I want in a bike...except I can't bring my dog along and miss the darned mutt so much I always cut my trips short. So I was going to hack it, but found a package deal at Hannigan. I'm buying their yellow '07 R12GS demo rig, and will either swap my farkles onto their GS, or switch mine for theirs as a tug, swap the painted parts so my GS matches the hack, and sell their gently used GS.

The rig has ECC, disk brake, and an anti sway bar. Their GS has 7500 miles and is basically stock.

My GS has 17k and the following farkles: Touratech cargo rack in lieu of pillion seat, Jesse bags and topcase (with bottle opener), BRAKE! light, P3 LED brake lights, Motolights, PIAA 510 50W driving lights on Migsel mount, GSA windshield support with ZTechnik windshield, Zumo mount on the windshield support, PivotPegz, HB crashbars, Eastern Beaver fuse block, Russell saddle, Ohlins shocks, Touratech handguard extensions, Mudsling, Twin Headlight Ernie skidplate, Remus headers, Kaoko throttle lock, Rox risers, Wunderlich steering stops, Powerlet in lieu of OEM socket, second Powerlet on handlebars. I'm not mechanically inclined but have made most of these mods myself after agonizing about screwing up. So far, nothing has gone wrong.

Holy cow, till you write it down you don't realize how many mods you've made to a well-loved bike!

So here's the question: For someone who has never ever tinkered with sidecar installation (OK, full disclosure, I haven't actually ridden a hack yet!), would it be easier to transfer much of that stuff to the new bike, or if I measure carefully and take lots of digital photos for reference, could a total novice swap the sub-frame from one bike to an identical bike, then make all the connections without totally screwing up?


I've heard of Fanny Farkle on the old Rowan and Martin "Laugh In" show. This is the first time I've heard it used to describe accessories.


gnm109 - 5/30/2010 9:30 PM

I've heard of Fanny Farkle on the old Rowan and Martin "Laugh In" show. This is the first time I've heard it used to describe accessories.


Seriously? The term has been in use for at least a decade in the two wheel world. You're kidding, right?

Nio. Not kidding. I've never, ever heard it. It is probably a local colloquilism. Furthermore, I read most of the motorcycle publications and I don't recall ever seeing it. It's not used among Harley riders. Maybe it's a BMW rider's term

I didn't mean to shock you. I didn't sleep in a Holiday Inn last night but I do have a degree in English and a JD. LOL.

Having a "Natter" is also used among the Beemerites but it is not common usage outside of the BMWOA.

Two & three wheel world since 1946 and counting.


My recommendation is to forget all that farkle swapping stuff. Sell your outfit and get that Bat hack on the other thread. Rename your pooch Robin. Too cool!



I have three avid ATV riders: Tadcaster, Barley and Kazoo. With luck, at least one of them will take to the hack. We just lost Tuppence the Wonderbitch to cancer three weeks ago. Before that was Glenfiddich, Prince of Dogs, also lost to cancer. It claims far too many goldens.

Barley is a talker, and the most fun. But he has a habit of hanging on to things that dangle in his face, as one of my wife's buxom friends discovered when she bent over to greet him. Kazoo is just 7 months old and needs some maturity before I can take him solo. Tadcaster is my gun dog, my best dog, and probably the one who will overnight with me.