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Swing Arm or Torsion Arm California Sidecar

Looking for an OEM swing arm or torsion arm for a California Sidecar. Also can use the shock mounting bracket or bracket for the lean control motor connection. If you have any other suspension parts for a California Sidecar I would be interested in them. Mark

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  • CSC_torsion_arm_with_captions.270151557_std.jpg
  • CSC-swingarm.JPG
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Sidehack05 1999 H-D FLHR with Champion Legend Sidecar

sadly as you know that shock bracket is not anywhere to be found unless you get lucky and find a used car that has one on it 

I had to fabricate one for mine recently because it didn't have one on it when I bought it. And thanks to your picture there and the measurements you provided me I was able to fabricate one using the original shock bracket 

I also had to fabricate the rear section of the frame for the sidecar top, luckily you had the other 3 parts I needed 

Good luck in your search 

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