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Does anyone know of, or have seen a swaybar installed on a sidecar. I was considering the idea but have not talked to anyone about it. Input would be nice. Thanks

There was quite a bit of coverage on this in older Hack'd Magazines and maybe in older Sidecarist issues. I think Chris still has a lot of the Hack'd back issues available for cheap and there is a host of technical sidecar information in them. You might check with her on purchasing some of them.

I have to say that a swaybar is probably one of, if not the, best things one can install on a sidecar outfit. They do work.
For a good write up on them by Bill Ballou see Roger Symington's site at:
Look around when you get there and you will also see a video that illustrates how effective they can be.
There has also been a lot of discussion at Sidecar Talk that is recored in the SCT knoewledge base that can be found in the files section.
See address foir SCT below.

Thanks for the help. I think I found enough information to answer my questions.