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Swamp Scooter Rally up close and personal...

No anticipation of such excitement for this past weekend... is it a ride report or a face plant?
I would like to believe that due to mechanical failure... a soft landing in the Louisiana Sugar Cane field would be... a slight deviation from a ride report...
I have it written in my Blog... to be continued tomorrow...

Spirit and I are well... hope you are too!

I just posted the rest of the story on

and tomorrow will post the reasons for the mechanical failure!

An interesting chain of events...

Be well... Spirit and Ara

And now why the failure! Not a pretty picture I must say... pretty disgusted that more riders have come forward and all Jay has done is send them 3, yes three, times the wrong parts to fix this life threatening failure... and for myself... I have been offered a bolt!!!... Imagine this overpriced Russian sidecar... the man laughing all the way to the Bank and offering me a bolt!... Well, Dauntless will need more than a bolt soon to get out of this mess... no more washing the dirty laundry at home... and please Bill, from BMW of Atlanta, if you are reading this, don't fix your crooked wheel yourself... let the Capitalistic manufacture take care of it as he finally took care of, after zillions of E mail, David's own crooked wheel!!!... Ah! some people will try to get away with anything... even as they say... and so true to case... murder!!!
Happy reading... and be well... Ara

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