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Suzuki TU250

Anyone know if a cozy sizecar (or similar)will work on a TU250? Will the bike pull it ok for around town means and the fact that the Suzuki doesn't have a full frame affect the install?

Why not. Velorex sidecars desined for 250and 350cc Jawas. You may need smaler front sprocket and stronger springs in the front fork.

If Suzuki doesn't have a full frame some subframe will need to be made.

Only the early JAWA/Velorex cars were designed for the light 350cc and 500cc Jawas and MZs. These were the 562Es and early 562 Standards with the tiny 15mm axles and non-adjustable shock that was mounted in front of the axle for minimum leverage and a super soft ride.
This is no longer the case since the Cruiser and Tour models were introduced almost 9 years ago with upgraded suspensions and reinforced frames. The chassis is designed to support the modern day Cruiser motorcycles that weigh almost twice what the 350cc and 500cc bikes weighed. The body shell is the same in appearance. Not what it rides on.

Velorex is one of the few manufacturers who keep improving and upgrading their product.


Anyway velorex or cozy sizecar light enough to be mouned on small suzuki

I do not agree with the newer Velorex sidecars being ok for lager bikes. Yes they did put a frame stiffener in them but they did so in a very muched compromised way in order to be able to slide the rear lower adjustable mount. This rear lower mount is still at best a poor design and will slip. The stiffener should have gone all the way across the frame. The frame tubing is still very small and thin, so thin in fact that we had one in here last week that had been mounted with one of the Velorex frame clamps around the sidecar frame, it had crushed the sidecar frame. The wheel still has the same hub that I have seen spokes pulled out of. Yes the shock is stiffer, the 15mm axle has been up graded to 20mm but the frame is still light duty, the mounting system very light duty and not very well thought out. These mounts seldom work with out custom fabrication and when used as they tend to slip so you end up having to adjust the sidecar often. With a proper mounting system you should almost never need to adjust. The newer cruiser type bikes tend to be longer and yet the lower front mount still is not adjustable for setting wheel lead and as such on larger bikes the Velorex sidecars tend to be set up with way to much wheel lead and as they are still using the same "universal" type frame clamp that were known to slip and or damage the frame on lighter bikes using these clamps on a heavier bike would tend make them slip even more. They also now that these sidecars are to go on heavier bikes have not done any thing at all to the brake on the sidecar it is still the same small drum brake that they always had however as most newer bikes have full hydrolic brakes the sidecar brake is seldom conected.
The Velorex sidecars also tend to be way to light and need ballist. If you are going to have to add ballist why not make the sidecar heavier by making it stronger?
"Velorex is one of the few manufacturese who keep improving and upgrading thiere product." Yes, they have up graded a bit but have a long way to go, both the company and its dealers tend to put sales before saftey. They still claim on their web site that these sidecars offer "univeral mount, fits any motorcycle" They have dealers who have mounted these on bikes as large as the Goldwing GL1800. Mounting any sidedcar on a bike that is to large for the sidecar has cost lifes. Saftey needs to come before sales. We take off about as many Velorex sidecars as we install. Perhaps Velorex is improving their sidecars while other companies are not as much as Velorex has so far to go and most USA companies do not?
Most of the USA manifacutres of sidecars offer entry level sidecars for about the same money as a Velorex and they come with proper bike specific mounts. I do not understand why so many people by an imported sidecar with so many short commings when they can buy sidecars made right here in the USA for about the same money but of superior quality.
With that said, The Velorex sidecar is a great little sidecar for little bikes and would be a very good match for the TU250. We have mounted two Velorex sidecars in the last couple of months both on Honda night hawk 250's once we got rid of the scrap metal they call "universal" type mounts they worked well. A third one we remounted not long ago and have a write up on our web page at showing how we fixed the mounting system.
You seldom see Velorex sidecar dealers running Velorex sidecars on thier own personal bikes, Perhaps there is a reason.
Jay G
DMC sidecars

I've put tens of thousands of miles touring with my Velorex sidecars on Harleys (Cruisers) set up for Touring. Never have pulled any spokes out. and never used (or needed) the sidecar brake.
I use a combination of the OEM mounts and propriatory mounts of ny own design.
Having sold and mounted hundreds of the Velorex cars through the years I still feel they are the best bang for the buck of any sidecar presently in US the market. I only stock two models now that are the most popular, the 562 Cruiser and the 563 Tour model. Both come with all factory accessories and gloss black finish. No list of added $$$$ extras to jack the price up.
Not perfect but a good value. Not made for the big touring bikes but great for anything from large scooters to middleweight Cruisers.

Here are a couple of my personal past touring rigs with Velos. I have a full dress Harley touring bike now so it needed a large heavy car. Ergo; a Liberty.

Northwest Sidecars, LLC
Boise, Idaho

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Thanks guys - looks like you all do great work. Anyone recommendations for someone in the South Georgia area (and I ain't talking about the Republic of Georgia, for you Ural reps 🙂 )

Nice though the Tu 250 might be, you will have a much better machine if you fasten it to an S-40 of the Suzuki line.
The frame is continuous all round and under the bike, the 650 single is a superb tug for the job.
I put more than 35 thousand miles through Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and British Colombia.
I highly recommend welding gussets to strengthen the swing arm.
Click on the address below to see what that is.
You may note the weld to repair the crack I found in the swing arm that prompted me to weld gussets.

I have a TU250X with a Cozy Rocket sidecar that has just recently been connected to the Suzuki. I am a handicapped biker which is one of the reasons I have two sidecars. My best friend is an industrial mechanic and fabricator who can do about anything. He reconstructed the Royal Enfield mounts to work with the TU250X. The two bike's frames are quite similar anyway. In my opinion, the Cozy Rocket and the Suzuki TU250X are a perfect match. I could not be more pleased. I am new to the USCA. When I can figure out how, I will post pictures.

I also have a DMC sidecar that has been attachedn to a BMW R1200C for several years. I am extremely pleased with the DMC as the quality is excellent in my opinion. I sold the BMW recently and will be making some changes with the DMC, which I kept. I will post my results later because it will be a very interesting project.
What a great club and a great forum!