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.Get the word out!
Summit Point Raceway is an excellent venue and the folks there are great. A little history here. We began the ISOK back years ago when I was laid up from a motorcycle accident. In time we put on a rally called the RON DEE VOO. This was done for 5 years in a row and one year it was the largest sidecar rally in in the country. It was not totally informal but close. What you see below culminated through discussions with Bruce Stephens and Bill Ballou after we had had a few small get togethers down at Summit Point raceway. Take a look at what Bruce has written and by all means make plans to attend . If you don't have a great time at this event it is your fault. LOL Seriously lets SPREAD THE WORD .... LETS WORK TOGETHER TO MAKE THIS ALL IT CAN BE !!!!
June 27 – 28, 2015 – Sidecar Racers Association East. Summit Point Raceway, West Virginia - CCS. For more info see .
June 27 - 28, 2015 – Summit Point Sidecar RON DEE VOO. A number of members of the Internet Sidecar Owners Klub, the High Performance Sidecar Club, the United Sidecar Association, Adventure Rider, and others, have attended this event in the past, first as an organized event known as the ISOK Ron-Dee-Voo, and most recently as an unorganized gathering of like minded sidecarists. It has been a lot of fun to say the least. In the past, some have camped or RV’ed at the race track and some have stayed at the Econo Lodge Motel… and others in Winchester, Virginia and the surrounding towns.

Members attending have been known to arrive Friday afternoon and leave Monday morning. This is not an organized official rally of any sort, it is just an opportunity to have a good time hanging out with a bunch of sidecar people and support the sidecar racers and what they do. If you have never seen sidecar racing, you’re in for a real treat. If the conditions are favorable, the street legal sidecars have been given the opportunity to do a parade lap on the track as well.

Some sidecarists even come earlier and stay later to take in the attractions in the area. For example visiting the historic areas of Charles Town, WV…... , Harpers Ferry, WV…... , Front Royal, VA…... , etc.

Some scenic drives in the area are: ,…/walking…/tp/Vi...nic-Drives.htm , , .

For more information, watch for posts on this event at the following Websites. , ,
CHECK OUT FREEDOM SIDECARS facebook page as well for updates and info.

Founder: Internet Sidecar Owners Klub at SCT

President: C Stanley Motorsports Inc.

Thanks for posting this Claude. Last year my friend Ray G and I met up with some of the folks at the Econolodge and had a fantastic time. Ray and I are kind of part of Bill Ballou's group and as such were welcomed by all the racers and other sidecar enthusiasts to the point of feeling like family. I don't know if I will be able to make it this year due to a busy schedule and the fact that I will be preparing for a trip to the BMWMOA/Montana rally the following month.. I believe last year we went to Summit Point in August...I will just have to wait and see how the cards fall.

Bill Kenney
04 K1200GT/Hannigan HP rig

Hope you can make it Bill. I missed last year. The potential for this to be a huge rally are real. As you know the venue at Summit Point is excellent and th earea itself is cool also. I really hope to see you and many sidecarists come out this year. Face it this event has never really been put out into the
open all that much. I ask everyone who Is not able to head to Sturgis for the USCA National to make it a point to meet up at Summit Point . YOU WON'T BE DISSAPOINTED. If anyone knows they can't make it get the word out anyhow....lets work together to make this into a great event for all!

Thanks for all the info Claude. The historical sites are numerous in the area. I have a sticker on my helmet that reads "Hang around Charles Town .... John Brown did."
Within a 50 mile radius there are countless Civil War sites and all the roads in the mountains of WV MD and VA. There are many new hotelsmotels in Charles Town WV and one in Inwood WV (listed as Martinsburg South).Aiden and I plan to be there and I know Paul Browne also since we both live in the Eastern Panhandle of WV. I ahve also been sharing this with all my motorcycle friends and social media aquaintances to get the word out. I hope this can be a big event to support the race teams that travel as much as they do for a sport they love.

Doug "Rain Man" Plotner 2nd Thief M/M chapter coordinator Eastern Panhandle WV USCA #8789 01 883C Sportster /Velorex combo 95 Ultra Classic Electra Glide /California Friendship combo Iron Butt Association member