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Sturgis Volunteers Sought

I hope all is well. I wondered if your membership had expressed any interest in participating in our event? I understand if not.

The dates are 7-12 August. I suspect we won’t be riding much, if any at all, on the 7th and 12th as these are our planned travel days. I could use one sidecar for the four days (August 8-11).

We are searching for someone who could safely pilot an amputated or paralyzed vet around the Black Hills, Devils Tower, etc. Operation Second Chance will pay for the fuel and meals for any volunteers. We are basing operations out of a property on Hwy 44 near Pactola Lake. Your members would be welcome to stay with us on the property.

Please feel free to pass my phone number along if anyone needs any additional info. 406-426-8390

Thank you again for the consideration

I know you or who you say you or an you want to some vet. But look at from my point of view. Their is a lot of personnel liability riding a disabled person around. Just think of a brake down in Custer sp. and no one to help the cycle operator moving the disable person, with Buffalo standing just across the road. And something you may not know about riding in a sidecar, the can be lt trying to get in and out for a beginner. Try siting in your living room floor and getting up or down with getting on your keens or rolling over on your stomach, and no Handel higher than foot off floor. I know you have help but just on one side don’t forget the motorcycle on the other. Rudyr 100% disable vet. But I’m mobile thank God

Thanks Rudy! You are the only person to have responded. I started this process of seeking volunteers last March I believe. Your input gives real perspective to the situation. Thanks.

I do plan on going to Sturgis this year, but on two wheels if I can make the deal(new 107 Harley). If not ride my Moto Guzzi (2 wheel) to wis.. Sturgis is in 2 weeks.Rudyr