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Stories from the challange to get a rig.


Dear friends,

These days I try to get a road worthy wet spring beater as cage substitute...a week searching and all kind of strange things and stories happening nearly throw me back to get just a 2 wheeler...which will at least be easier to store into the barn then a rig.

Today's comment of the day. "Anything below 13.000$ is a piece of crap and you have to expect to put the same money you paid for fixing it."

Is life that cruel?

Well until now the only 2 rigs that call attention are 400 respectively 700 miles further south... So as plan "B" evaluation today I tried 2 used softchoppers. The owner and the contact accompanied me at jolly 43°F and a dry grey day without wind....3 miles: "oh, what cold!" turned back and searched for a hot coffee and chimney.

If everybody is such a whimp you wonder that there are already a few early birds on the roads...No wonder windfaces become seldom.

What are your anecdotes?


PS: no names, no photos for not to injure the feelings. I guess you understand. Sealed

I rode the rig to a meeting today at noon about 15 miles away. Temps in the high 30's no wind. But it was all freeway (70+ Mph). On the way home it was lightly snowing, making the roads slightly wet. It has been warm for several weeks so the snow isn't sticking just melting on contact.

2014 CB1100 Std, 2000 ST1100 with DMC Classic, 1981 CB650C

The above is the possible beginning of the adventure to get my fourth rig.
First Rig: As Student the last "student's car" an Austin Mini Cooper lost it's right front wheel on the way to it's following owner, The Idea to get a Honneker Taxi MZ ETZ250 with Superelastic sidecar.

Second rig: 16 years without rig and about 11 years without a motorcycle (You cannot call a driving toolbox Vespa a motorcycle) caused me extreme "abstinence syndrome" Every nice engine I heard I had to listen to it and my hands began to shake. 4 years after a very close call orginated by Hospital "meat eater bacteria" I arranged an agreement with my client who's job financed the Jawa rig.
In the mornings I would rebuild his 14 ton Cincinati bending press brake and in the afternoons he would cover me each time my wife would call: " He is gone to ... for to get spares" While I was pulling out of the box the Jawa bike and sidecar and assembled it. On the day exactlly 18 years after delivery of my first MZ rig I went to work with the van and tools, a bottle of 18 year old "Flor de Caña" rum and picked up the rig many stories more...
"ahh, that were all the secrets these weeks about!"

Third rig: My son Thomas became 18 years old and I fulfilled my promise to show him "a few horizons" 12.000km in 8 weeks... Oregon - Alaska - Oregon

Now let's see what time will bring these weeks.

Good luck with your search, Sven. Some times things just seem to be the right place at the right time. When I was searching for a Goldwing/Hannigan rig after looking all over the country for the right one, it showed up just 12 miles from me. And then this year when I was looking for a Ural that I could afford, one showed up almost as close, it was actually one I had been following on another forum, and wondering if I actually wanted a Ural after all the trouble he was having with his, including the engine being rebuilt by IMZ after a broken oil pump shaft, and him rebuilding the valve train, hopefully it is all sorted out now and we will have a great time together. Good luck.

I passed my 2010 StreetGlide/Liberty rig on to a son because I was no longer able to handle it due to health problems.
Then after regaining 40 lbs. and feeling stronger I picked up a beautiful 100th Anniversary Harley WideGlide with 7,200 miles on it in Phoenix and added a Spalding sidecar to it. A really nice rig that, though considerably lighter, was also too much for me to handle. Reardon Tom is the owner of that one now. Last fall my wife Judy said she missed having a sidecar rig in the shop that was our own (hers) so I said if I felt strong enough I would look for something in the spring that would work for us.
The next day I checked the local Boise Craigslist and found a low mile 2011 Harley 1200 Nightster and called on the ad. No answer for a couple of days, so Icalled again and connected with the owner. As luck would have it he lived less than a mile from us. We arranged a meeting to scope out the bike and it looked like a keeper so we jockeyed around for a bit on pricing and bought it on the spot. Since I can no longer support a solo bike I had the previous owner bring it to our shop a few days later.
We just happened to have an unsold Velorex 563 tour sidecar in the shop so after having the Local Harley shop check it out and replace the seeping rocker arm cover gaskets I mounted up the Velorex. Now I was able to give it a maiden run as a sidecar rig. I took a 5 plus mile jaunt in the cold and that was all I could handle with the cold weather. Since I have lost most of my muscle tissue from cancer I have zero tolerance for heat or cold so it has reposed in the shop all winter with an occasional start up and on a tender till last week. We had a 60 degree day so I tried it again. Still too cold for me with the wind chill but I now have over 11 miles on the rig. I think I'll have a window between now (55F) and summer when it gets in the hundreds when I'll be able to put some miles on it. Judy still hasn't gone for a ride.

It won't be long now,


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Today is Flory's and my 26th marriage anniversary and no way to celebrate it in a decent manner separated by 7 hour time difference.
I learned over the years to give time to time...but when you have only 2 1/2 month for a project then you get frustrated in a country where rigs are rare.
One week looking since leaving the plane and no positive answers yet.
First day not even a flower, now the snow bells, krokus and narcise are all over the neighbourhood after just 2 days of sun. and the first 2 lemon butterflies made for a good surprise.

Lonnie, every day we are here is a present and you have shown us all, that attitude is what makes the difference. Today again with that motor with 3 cycles. I pull my hat. Thank you.
Don't forget to tell yourself every 15 minutes:
I want to live!
I want to live!
I want to live!

And then give a hug to Judy.

It's my aunt Hannelores recipe, which my mother lives to its maximum. She just left Wednesday for Portugal for a tournament week.
Since she is pensioned, she has no time for (self)pity and participates in as many golf tournaments as others go to work.
Nice approach.

Drove 260km South for to visit a bad tear drop....all screws and spokes were loose and plastic toasted in the tub of that Jawa rig.
The talk anyway was refreshing and interesting. A bus driver who lost his wife and health due to a rig accident and he still continues riding his 60 year old Horex rig daily for the last 30 years.

The voyage wasn't lost at all. I had my anniversary dinner at the restaurant of dear friends in Hannover.
First thing I heard entering the door:
"Sven, what are you doing here?" and got a warm hug from Semra the turkish Lady cook who has no competition in the hole town and wide around.
I may tell Jorge, her Spanish - German husband, had to roll me back to the car.

So here continues the search for a rig.
Just got home at sun rise.

"Decent people get home at day light...
....with the bread under their arm."

That's a great looking rig Lonnie, glad to hear that you're back on the road!

So glad to hear you're able to ride, even if it's just a little. What a beautiful new rig. Looks just like mine except for the tug. The Triumph T100 is still doing great.

Take care and enjoy each and every day.


Lonnie, good to read you´re getting better!
Sven, fingers crossed you´re going to find what you´re searching for! When I look around there´s nothing reasonable below € 7k and all in all nothing I´d like to own...
So good luck to both of you!