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Stockbridge Mass

while we took the trip on the 83 FLH , i would love to go there again with the sidecar.My wife and i took a daytrip from Wappingers Falls [where we lived at the time] to the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge was late October so the air was chilly .we had lunch at a cafe in the town and spent the afternoon touring the musuem.definitely a nice area to ride.the museum is so see these paintings up close and hear some inside stories on some of them was fun.definitely a great ride.

Stockbridge is a nice place and the riding is really nice too. I haven't been up there in a few years but I remember it like it was yesterday.

even thought its chilly i love riding in New England in the fall.definitely some places seem right out of Rockwells paintings.

The fall is a great time to ride in NewEngland, not to mention the bikes run better in the cool weather.

We have'nt been that way
on list for this fall
could even be a summer ride

i used to do a lot of riding over in Ct. always loved sunday mornings at Marus that i am in South Jersey i dont get up there .

I used to ride to the vanilla bean on 169 on Sunday Mornings. That part od Ct. is great. I always wanted to go to Marcus dairy but never did get out that way.

I have been out there to Stockbridge, MA several times in good weather, rain, and cold riding up there for day trips and even spent an over night there. It is nice country and I remember a small restaurant that made great breakfasts where out in the middle of now where just to the south east of the place. I hope they are still in business. I think I will plan to go up there this summer. Thanks for the suggestion or as a reminder for me.

i was surprised to read that Marcus Dairy is gone ,torn down for a strip mall back in feburary. since we moved from the Hudson Valley in 2006 i havent gotten out that way.