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Steering Modifications for Rig

Hello All
I have a 99 Goldwing SE with a Champion Daytona 2+2 s/c. I have been riding it for about nine months now and love the thing, it is a totality diffeent experiance from two wheels, not to menntion that this is the only way the wife will ride with me. This is now her rig.
The question I have is about the steering. The rig is rather large and heavy, almost 1200lbs dry and 1400 to 1500 lbs. when loaded. The steering is rather heavy. Champion offers an EZ-Steer triple tree, it adds 4.5 degrees to the stock rake. They claim (advertising) that this makes it feel like you have "power steering". I have noticed several folks mention doing this to make steering easier. My question is does it really make that big of an improvement to the steering or is this just hype. This mod is in the rather expensive range at $995.00 for the part plus installation if I don't do it myself.

I believe the 1999 GL Champion EZ steer trees are 6 degree. The 1800 trees are 4.5 degree. Probably due to a change in factory rake angle.
Regardless,the modified trail makes a rig steer like it had power steering.
This modification is not recommended for bikes that will be ridden without the sidecar as the trail reduction decreases the bikes caster and ability to self center after a turn.
A slight tendency to oversteer may be present after this modification which is quickly overcome with a short learning curve.
I recommend trail reduction for any after factory sidecar conversion.
Most all factory conversions have this done already.
One exception is Harley Davidson who no longer has this option available from the factory.
FYI: As I write this the trees from my personal Harley rig are now at Side Effects in BC for this modification.
Walkin' the talk,


I still find it interesting that it seems like every person I talk to who has a leading link, started out by spending $1000 plus on a modified tree, then abandoned it and spent the money for the LL.

I've had both and prefer the unclunky appearance of the raked trees.
I'm not nuts about the utilitarian aesthetics of Humvees either.
To each, His'n works for me.


I have an 89 GL1500/Champion Escort with E-Z steer and it works great. With my old friend Artheritis in my right hand, I steer with my left a lot of the time on cruise. Before I did the modification it took both hands most of the time especially in the downhill right turns. It is like power steering and I'm with Lonnie on the looks of them compared to LL.

After riding solo for 50 plus years and after my knees went south I finally gave in and hooked an old 562 Velorex to my R75/5 and am enjoying the rig as much as I ever enjoyed riding solo. One of the interesting side effects for me has been the building up of my arms and shoulders. I considered steering mods but think I'll just keep on building the arms and shoulders.

I have a K1200LT with a Hannign 2+2 with the Hannigan version of easy steer. It was like going from no power steering to power steering. It was well worth the cost. I usually ride 8-10,000 miles a year, J.R. Lewis