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Steering Dampner for Moto Guzzi 1400

I just had a side car installed on to and it wobbles bad


tried the air pressure and head tightening  no luck


bring on your opinions  and suggestions




Sorry, I have no particular experience or suggestions re: steering dampers.  However, on a couple of our rigs (Sportster & Burgman tugs) the wobble was essentially eliminated when we installed triple trees modified for sidecar/trike duty (often referred to a "raked" trees).   I haven't searched, but if such is available, it's well worth the expenditure.

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Some sidecar installers as a matter of course install a damper (small shock absorber) in case wobble should occur.  A friend who recently purchased a used GL1800/Motorvation Formula II LTD combo said the previous owner had removed the damper because he thought it made the rig steer harder and had never experienced wobble.  It does have a 3 degree raked triple-tree.

Because wobble may not occur at lower speeds a person should be cautious when removing a damper.  I haven't experienced a "tank slapper" wobble since on my 1965 Dream 305 while trying to pass an 18-wheeler on I-35, and I never want to experience another.

On most sidecar applications we use steering dampers that run from the forks to a fixed point on the sidecar frame or sidecar mounting hardware,  These are often VW dampers or ones that are built by sidecar manufacturers like EML.  There is an entire other class of dampers that are commonly used on sport bikes.  They are smaller and mount solely on the motorcycle.  Some of these are friction dampers [usually on older bikes like the BMW R69s] or nitrogen filled dampers.  Look on Amazon and search for "steering damper moto guzzi 1400"  you'll see a bunch.  Good luck.

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@cruzerdog - Is yours the red DMC Tomahawk? Ever get it sorted out yet? If so, I've got the blue one that was right behind yours in manufacturing. It arrived yesterday and am doing the install over the next few days.

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Quote from LabRat on July 11, 2019, 7:44 am

@cruzerdog - Is yours the red DMC Tomahawk?  Yes  that's mine .. and  no its a chocolate mess    I am trying to contact Jay ....... it came to me with a 22mph  front  wheel wobble .. they don't like-- or could not address installing a damper  on an Guzzi     I might of goofed big time    ...  we'll see ....   contacting several  fabricating pros  who might be able to  right the wrong  ... thats the way it gets for me all the time ..   I never cut  corners ..  to save a buck $$$   ... you should be fine on the Indian      I may dump that side car   and  put a hack  on my FXRP  I have the factory mount  just dont want to the factory tub .. because of my old dogs  getting in and out ..


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Good luck. Have you tried talking to Andrew? I had a couple questions when my rig arrived the other day and he was helpful. Is Jay still around much? I thought he recently retired, but could be wrong. I'd think it would be pretty simply to fabricate mounts for a damper.

Love the FXRP, that would look cool with a car, but first choice would be the Guzzi. That combo is bad ass.

I'm installing my rig today, so we'll see how it goes.

2014 Indian Chieftain DMC Tomahawk SE on order