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Steering damper vs over torqing head bearing

I've finally got my California Sidecar Friendship 1 on the road. I, like many have the steering head shake up to 35mph. I still need to fine tune everything, but I know I'm going to have to do something.
Most of the sidecar guys say just over torque the head bearing. Then there's no need for a steering damper. To me, it just seems wrong to over torque a bearing. But that seems to be the go to practice. If that's what I gotta do then that's what I gotta do. But I'm at the point I'm tired of working on this thing and want to hit the road, not work on it for awhile,,,lol.
That being said, man there's a lot of work on a 1500 Goldwing just to get to that nut,,,lol. If I do go that route I THINK I have to take a lot of stuff off from underneath the triple trees just to unplug the wire going through the center. But what if I had a socket long enough to cut a groove in it to clear the wire with having to remove it? Kinda like a o2 sensor socket? I could have sworn I seen a pic of one but can't find it now.
I know you can make a socket. But I found one from Traxxion something or anther for $32. It looks longer where I could maybe cut the groove I was talking about.
Or the next option would be to install the vw steering damper. I can get the damper off amazon for less than $40. But I have to come up with a mounting bolt to mount it to the fork. I have some vague instructions on how to install it. But it's not clear on where the bolt goes. Would anyone happen to have a pic of the oem csc caliper bolt mounted where it goes. Mark from Florida sidecar sent me a pic of what it looks like.All though he doesn't have any. But I don't know exactly where it goes,,,lol.
So what do you guys think. Tighten bearin or steering damper? Thanks
BTW. I'm going to post this on several forums to stand a better chance of getting help.
And Wilton finally got to ride today.
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Over torquing the neck bearing is a bad idea. It would be a good Idea to check it and make sure it is as it should be.

Each setup answers different . Sometimes front tire pressure can have an effect. Is it better once tire warm up good.

Sometime the sidecar tire off set needs to be slightly increase or decreased .

Just for the heck of it put 30 LBS in the nose of the sidecar see it that makes a difference. 

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