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Statistics of 2 Wheeler, Sidecar, Trikes last 30 years in Switzerland

Motorcycles with sidecar outdated, declining? Not true. Sidecars being old school, yes, but staying stable over the last 10, 15 years. In absolute numbers probably (no numbers before 1990) even at a maximum. Trikes declining since 2000. See pictures, depicting stats for 2 wheelers, sidecars, trikes in Switzerland since 1990. How is it in the US, or in single states?



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Thanks for this data!!!  I am teaching a beginning Statistics class spring semester.  This is a good example of well presented graphical data.

That being said - your comments are right to the point.  I see lots of used trikes for sale in the paper.  In Rapid City (close to Sturgis) we see a disproportionate number of trikes for sale in the paper where, it seems that the only bikes for sale are Harleys on two wheels.  The aging 2-wheel population seem to think that the trike is the way to go.  Not many stick with them.

Will  Short

USCA President

Thanks Will. Yes, there are ad lib more sales adds for trikes than for side cars. Stick to your side, it is gaining value and has tremendous good will in the public world wide. While driving our side, weird as it physically is, we get a lot of smiles from children and seniors and others...

I should add: these are swiss federal DMV data of registered motorcycles. For purpose of visual clarity I displayed the data in a log scale since the order of magnitude for two wheelers and three wheelers is so disparate (upper panel). In the linear  (lower) panel, there is a clear dip in sidecar numbers around 2006, coming back to previous level three years later. I have no idea what this means, certainly not the banking crises at 2008 ;-). I consider it an artefact (transient way of counting ? Major sidecar business out of business temporarily?...), since otherwise the curve is amazingly stable and smooth.

To put the numbers into N American perspective, Swiss pop today is around 8 Mio., area 17000 sqm. (=between Maryland and W Virginia). Almost 1 Mio motorcycles per 8 Mio pop. is a very high level - much higher than in California with  highest mc numbers in the US.