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Well you State Reps now have your form to use as you see fit. And I say that in hopes that it will be in a way to help USCA. It is “USCA Inservice Discussion.” This is a lock form to get in to get in you have to send me your “Log-On”. I do not need your password, and I don’t want it, just your log-on. Mine is Richardmc4. For those of you who replied to my e-mail of 6/27/14 you should be able to get in. if you have problem please e-mail me. Also any other State Rep or officers that would like to get in e-mail me your log-on.

Sorry, but I am confused. Where do I find the state rep form? In the table of contents (for lack of a proper name) I see the "Board Forum" but nothing for state reps. Being new at this it might benefit me to communicate with other reps in my region. Thanks for any guidance you can give me.

Mike in MS

USCA Inservice Discussion

USCA Inservice Discussion is the name of the form. To sign-in I will need your sidecar dot com log-in. I do not need or want your password. For those of you that have sent me them can get in now. As you know we have a number of state with no Raps so we need all of to sign up.

Hi Richard. I'm the Midwest Director. I'm not listed here but in the Sidecarist magazine. I just lost my KY state representive. Looking for a new one. Not sure which other state rep. I'm missing. Any full member of the USCA who would like to be the KY state rep. Email me at, or click on any of the dave you see as moderator of most of the fourm here.

That is it Dave as far as I know.

Richard; I guess you already have my log in, but here it is J.R. Keep up the good work. Maybe we can stir up some interest. Tomorrow(Wed.) is the day Fly,Mrs. Fly, Avanell & I go to AMA museum to see Hal's plaque. Will try to get pictures soon.
Tex rep

Paul here. AZ state rep. How do I get in on this? Also need an list of all AZ members' emails.

You are in. For your your list e-mail Steve at

New member in Strawberry wants to communicate with like minded folk.

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