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Starting over

Quote from 2FLTC on January 11, 2021, 8:01 am

  I guess I might look into making a bench setup to be able to program the ECM and BCM's. I made a setup for the earlier ones it sure save me a lot time and didn't need the bike. I have to see what the 2021's and the Pam American going to involve in. Your rig looks like it's going to be a nice setup.   

   I talked with Hannigan this morning.  They said no problem with BAS. Two ways to do it. They can shut it off or use an add on part the defeat it.

Thank you for all your input. I have over the years that when it comes to sidecars on newer bikes the rules change. It is a constant battle to keep up.

     The sidecars have become a big part of our riding and will play an even bigger role as the years add up.

  It's a uphill battle just to keep up with the new bikes never mind about doing changes to them. I think Harley is the easiest to get into. The european's bikes are hard to get in. 

  I had a good talk with Daytona Vtwin Tec. Their scan tool will work up to 2018. HD made a change they can not yet over come. Some of the options can not be changed.  When you change them it just resets back to factory . The BAS is one of them. trying to contact Centurion and get a straight answer.


  Update Centurion got back to me. He is going to confirm it will still work with 2020 and call back. He also said they are very busy working on making it work with new 2021 system.

  When they tell me it will work I am ordering one.

   Centurion is a great product with good customer service, I've being using there stuff from when they first came out.  DTT is good with there products, there a little behind on there diagnostic end. There is one excellent tech guy that work for them or with them he has his own shop and he is sharp. He can make changes in there products were the shops cannot do. Texa is another one but there a little behind on the Harley stuff but the have some nice features. I have a couple other ones which do there job. But I think centurion is the best to work with  and best for value.        

 I would have had the ordered done today but ran out of time. They called and confirmed it will work with the 2020. By time I got home from taking Payton to Catechism and PT it was to lateThey were closed.

  About the only thing I will ever use it for would be the BAS setting and ABS brake bleed. May sound silly but I would cycle my ABS by locking the brakes up now a then in gravel drive way. Never had any issues with the ABS.

  The centurion ships today. $447 that is the hardware the software taxes and shipping and first year license.  This is a Per bike option meaning.

To get full function I need a license good for 1 year $35 dollars. However many of the functions/tools will not require it. Like ABS cycling/bleeding.

  Add it all up not a bad deal for me it will do what I need and much more. Each time I use recover some of the cost that adds up fast.

 Good week. Sidecar dropped off and the Centurion showed up Monday.  Now figure out how to use it. Glad the check book stayed home or the trailer might not have been empty on the way back. The White black and Red BMW rig has some amazing work do to it and built to run.

 I tested the Centurion this morning . Disabled BAS and then enabled it and all worked prefect No warning light after disable. Bit of a learning curve with the too but it works. At least up to 2020. Word is now 2021 is going to be a new game with ECU/BCM.


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Thanks for the pictures link - wondering if those were all customers bikes or some for sale? Quite the collection!

 Both some are stored their . I am just happy the check book stayed home. I was there to get my sidecar repainted and ready .

I am a sick man I fell for this one. I saw it some time back when they were building it.


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