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St Croix Ural [Harley Davidson] Rally

If you got your Sidecarist for May-June you may have seen the notice for the 2nd Annual Upper Midwest Ural Gathering.  This will be held at the Gas Lite Bar in Ellsworth, WI June 21-23.  This is combined event with a car show and a Harley event but ALL MAKES ARE WELCOMED.  I'm driving a BMW rig and I'm sure no one will care.  There's camping available on site for a fee and best of all, that's the weekend of the ELLSWORTH CHEESE CURD FESTIVAL!  Yes, Wisconsin folks know how to have fun!  Anyway, for more info call St Croix Ural 715-246-2959.  If you have trouble getting through, send them a message via their website and they'll call you back.

While poking around their website I found this Youtube video from the Ural folks.  Very entertaining 

If you're a Minnesota or Wisconsin sidecar pilot consider stopping by the Upper Midwest Ural Gathering. Tentative schedule has the group heading over to Ellsworth for the car show on Friday at about 5PM.  On Saturday they are riding up to St Croix Ural [Harley Davidson] and returning for the Ellsworth Cheese Curd Festival.  Come for part of it or all.

Jane and I went to the St. Croix Upper Midwest Ural Gathering.  It wasn't a large rally, but a  pleasant one, and the Ural riders were friendly people who permitted Al's BMW/EML and my Valkyrie/Motorvation rigs to participate.  Jane and I arrived early, so we spent some time touring the river towns along the Wisconsin side of the Mississippi River on Friday morning, and we all participated in the Cheese Curd Festival car show on Friday evening.

We left for home Saturday after lunch at the St. Croix Ural/Harley-Davidson dealer where there was a large come and go gathering of Harley bikes, and few more Urals.