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Sputnik and Ural sidecars

We just recieved a container load of new made in 2005 Sputnik sidecars. These sidecars are of all steel construction with the front tiping forward for easy entry and the trunk opening from the out side. The sidecars come with an 18 inch chrome wire wheel with a drum brake. The wheels off these sidecars and the paint are of much higher quality then what we have had in the past. The sidecars are orange in color and have a black fender. $2495. We have a demo set up on a Kawasaki KLR 650
Monday we will recieve another container load of Ural sidecars. These sidecars are all steel in construction and have a trunk that opens from the out side. They come with a 19 inch wire wheel with a drum brake and are black in color. We can up grade to a disk brake for $350, Lower the sidecar for $350 and add electric trim to adjust for load and road conditions for $800. We have a demo set up on a Moto Guzzi Quota.
All demo's are for sale.
We have mounting kits for many different bikes and can also set these sidecars up to work with mounting kits from several other companies. We can color match and also install the sidecars.
Jay Giese
Dauntless Motors Corporation

Hello Jay, I'm researching putting together another hack rig using either a Sputnik or Ural hack. I see you can upgrade the Ural with a hydraulic disc brake, how about the Sputnik? I'm also curious about shipping cost to my area in Alabama, zip 35984, Mentone; or could go to Birmingham or Chattanooga and pick it up if that would be cheaper? I'm also having difficulty contacting you via your website. I've had trouble in the past, but then it clears up? Are you off line for some reason? Early thanks for your help, I'll look for your response. You can email me John

We can add the disk brake to the Sputnik sidecars. Our web site has not been down as far as I know. or
You can also phone toll free at 866-638-1793 M-F 8-4:30 west coast time.
If you phone I can get you a shipping quote.
Jay Giese
Dauntless Motors Corporation

Jay, we are unable to pull your website up. This has happened on two other occassions. We have run all the anaylsis on our computer and it remains an issue; website not responding. We have connectivity and we can pull up any other goggled sites with no problem. I wanted to ask if you have photos of the Ural and Sputnic sidecar attached to the KLR650; specifically photos of subframe attached to the KLR? It seems the Ural is 10lbs lighter than the Sputnic(227/237lbs); in either case, can you provide customer feedback on performance? Early thanks...please check your website...ride safe...John our email is

Jay, just tried to access your site from here(USCA); no soap. Computers...

John t works for me but filters and spam settings are getting so strong that who knows what could be going on.

The photo on page 10 of the most recent issue of The SIdecarist shows a home built platform sidecar attached to a KLR using the Dauntless KLR subframe and mounts.

I have more pictures on the Adventure Sidecar website. About half way down this page you will find photos of the Dauntless subframe being installed on a KLR

there are some photos of Jay and Tara aboard a Dauntless KLR/Sputnik combo competing in last years Cascade 150 at this page:

I have been very pleased with the subframe and mounts I recieved from Dauntless. It is much neater and fits better than the subframe I made myself. It was a bit fussy getting the top front mount fitted, but well worth the effort. I heartily recommend this kit if you are thinking of fitting a sidecar to the KLR!

hope this helps,

Thanks very much for the information; it really helps! I'm in the process of selling my 83' R80 Texas sidecar rig and want something more utilitarian. I like the KLR650/Sputnic combination and from what you have said, you're pleased with the performance and handling. I've used Jay's subframes on three different occassions; you're correct, he does good work! I'm just having difficulty pulling his website up; it worked fine till Microsoft sent one of their automatic upgrades. I noticed you don't have a steering damper; I assume it's not needed on the KLY setup? And there seems to be a 10lb difference between the Ural(237) and Sputnic(227); I like either hack...any comments? You can email me ride safe...John

If there really is only a 10lb difference, I would go for the Ural; it is stronger, easier to get in and out of, easier access to what looks like a bigger trunk, and much less rattley.

It seems like the Sputnik is lighter than that, but I never weighed the two hacks and never looked up the specs. If it were significantly lighter than the Ural I would suggest you go with the Sputnik. It is a fine sidecar for what it is and the KLR doesn't want to be hauling anymore weight than is absolutely necessary.

I think one of Jay's new platform sidecars would be a much more suitable mate to the KLR, if you and your passenger would be happy with the more spartan accomodations.

That said, I have spoken to a couple of folks who had Ural or Dnepr sidecars on the KLR and said it hauled them around just fine. I tried to buy this one from a fellow in the NE last winter. Someone else got it.

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We just put a Ural on a new KLR however I have not test ridden it yet as we are also developing a leading link which will go on this bike.
Also we have changed the design of our upper front mount for this bike to make it easier to install.
Jay Giese
Dauntless Motors Corporation

Originally written by john merrell on 2/11/2007 4:46 PM

(snip) I noticed you don't have a steering damper; I assume it's not needed on the KLR setup? (snip)You can email me ride safe...John

This is a very subjective and personal thing. I like my bikes set up a little stiff. Some people don't like that or haven't the upper body strength for it. If I did more long distance riding I would look closely at modified front ends( but I wouldn't choose a KLR for that kind of riding).

My personal preference is not to use a steering damper if at all possible. The only reason to use one is if the rig has a headshake that threatens to become a death wobble. Usually if you mess around a bit you can find ways of reducing the wobble, often as simply as changing tread patterns and tire pressures.

Same thing with front end mods. I see a lot of rigs where folks have spent big money for modified triple trees or links to make the steering easy and then put a damper on to make it stiff again. I suggest you try it stock for a while and modify if you cant make it handle to your satisfaction, changing only one thing at a time and evaluating the changes before spending more time and money.

I've had several Ural sidecars and 2 Sputnik sidecars. I took the Ural off my R80 BMW to transport the Sputnik home to California from Washington and if I thought right turn it wanted to fly. The Sputnik is a lot more the 10 lbs lighter then the Ural.

I'm currently running a Sputnik Cargo sidecar on an '04 KLR. It's a makes a great rig.

I'd go for the Sputnik for your KLR

Thanks very much for the information. I see you can upgrade the Ural with a hydraulic disc brake. It seems the Ural is 10lbs lighter.It is a fine sidecar for what it is and the KLR doesn't want to be hauling anymore weight than is absolutely necessary.

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New Sputniks and URAL sidecars (only) haven't been imported for some time. The URAL is only available new attached to a motorcycle. Sputnik, not at all.
The URAL and Dnepr cars are heavier than the Sputnik. Quality wise for the /2 BMW clones it is Late URAL, Early URAL, Dnepr, Chang Jiang. The Sputnik is a cheap aftermarket replacement for the /2 Beemers (List price in 1995 was $800.00).

Northwest Sidecars
(ex URAL/Dnepr/Sputnik dealer)

A big thank you for the information it really helps! I like the combination KLR650/Sputnic and what you said, are you satisfied with the performance and handling. I used Jay as managers on three different occasions, you are right, it does a good job!

Maruti Swift

I took off my BMW R80 Ural Sputnik brought home to California from Washington, and turn right, if I thought I wanted to fly. Sputnik more than 10 kg lighter than the Urals.

Maruti Swift