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Spuntik sidecars back in stock

We now have in stock the what we believe to be the last NOS Sputnik sidecars to be had any where in the world. As we purchased these with out wheels as the wheels are no longer made we change out the axle to a larger diameter axle and mount a made in the USA tubeless wire wheel. We also include in the price of $3495 proper bike specific NOT universal mounts. These are not a bunch of "clamps" that we claim will "fit" your bike rather hardware designed specifically for your bike.
We also offer an optional Brembo disk brake $650, most lower priced sidecars either have a brake you have no chance of being able to use being a very small drum brake or offer no brake at all telling you that you do not need a brake. And yes, you might not need a brake up until the one time you do. If the brake keeps you out of the emergency room even once it is worth every penny of the cost.
These sidecars run a proper boss and clamp lower mounting system, not struts that can slip. The frame is robust enough to be safe on even the largest bikes.
As these are NOS sidecars that were not stored all that well and being "Russian" the fit and finish is not the best, while these are not great sidecars they are fantastic sidecars FOR THE MONEY there is not a better value around in a lower priced sidecar. They are also one of the easiest sidecars to get in and out of due to the opening front and they even have a trunk that opens from the out side.
You have two choices of color, an Orange body with a black fender or a black fender with an Orange body. (ok so they only come orange and black) We will not paint them.
Jay G
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