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Speads SQ4 engine

Speads racing is developing a square 4 two stroke engine, suitable for road or race, bike, car or sidecar rig.
The thinking behind this project is, I wanted a big 2 stroke bike and since the mid 80's when the RZ and RG500 went out of production there's been nothing available apart from the above and the even rarer and older Kawa triples, all of which have become so collectable that they're not viable for fun/racing etc.
So john at Speads racing set about developing a big square 4 that wouldn't brake the bank, its a billet bottom end accepting Rotax barrels or the aray of after market parts available, and a Gixer1000 clutch and gearbox.
We are about 75% through the build and engines will come on stream towards the end of 2011, the customer will be able to choose from many formats, complete engine, bottom end only and bottom end with no gearbox or clutch.
Interested parties can contact john directly (0027-12-9963334) or through the website.

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hey john. the picture is of the gearbox? and you mention the website. what website is that? it sounds very interesting and something i'd like to keep track of. thanks.