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Something to break the boredom


If you're like me [you probably aren't] you're watching way too much YouTube.  I never knew there was SO MUCH content.  Anyway, if you have an hour take a look at . It's James May [from Top Gear] riding a homemade sidecar rig around the course at the Isle of Man.  AND, it's made out of Meccano [Erector Set] pieces.  For the first half you laugh at how dumb it is and by the second half you're pulling for him to make it all the way.  Highly entertaining and there sidecar content sort of.

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

Al, you link says "video not on available"

Y use to laugh most of the time I see that man on a screen. Please try to use the "share this video" option, that uses to give a better working link code 

Quote something like: Meccano did put errors delibertely into the manual

By the way it made Britain great.

Thanks in advance




'Sorry it didn't work wherever you are.  It works fine here.



Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

Hello Al,

you are right. now I found the video and it says "Video blocked in your country"

I could see some minor "handmade videos" of that rig. very nice including some British humour.



Nice, just what I need in this time of shelter in place. Ran out of videos to watch.


for those who need some sport. soccer at its best is on 3 wheels too.

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More from YouTube.  This video is by a guy having a sidecar built in the Philippines.  Nothing technical, just a HUGE number of sidecars on small displacement bikes makes it worth a watch.  You have to wonder about how safe any of this stuff is but I guess you can't fault success, there are apparently thousands of these rigs in the Philippines.

There are dozens of these videos... search "Philippine sidecars" on YouTube

I've gotta get out more ;^)



Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

thanks for the content, now I need to watch it, because I sometimes watch similar videos in my property in Munich here. I want to go to Philippines or to Taiwan to try their roads.

The latest from the South Yorkshire Sidecar Club, our friends across the water.


The journal of the South Yorkshire Sidecar Club
August 2020

It is now official. The FED rally is off. Even though things are ever so slowly getting to something like normal (will things ever.) Organising events where folk gather together is still looked upon as chancy. When you consider that many of the FED members are not in the first flush of youth, gathering in groups has to be carefully thought out.

Plans are being drawn up to have some kind of Fed Day Meet incorporating a Scatter Rally. Any firm decisions, you will be notified. Further to this, I do believe that all have been notified of the “Scatter Rally”


Thursday 16th July, our club met at the Elsecar Heritage centre. This was really well attended. Who turned up ? Stuart Bidwell & Joanne.-Pete Burton.-Phil-Pete-Steve& Jackie-Mark- Mick & Linda- Maurice-Pete & Eileen- Chris Lindsay- Audrey & Karen- John & Pat- Alf & Sue. A flying visit by Mick Wadsworth, Steve from Sawley & Kiwi Bob

This turned into a really warm day, finished off by riding a couple of miles down the road to Wentworth. There we had a stroll through the picturesque village before heading for home. Once again, good to get together.


Two weeks later, Thursday 30th. July, saw some of us gather at Bawtry for the ride out to Woodhall Spa. All were there for the 10-00 start. Who were they? Pete Ellis with Phil in the sidecar. Alf & Sue. Karen & Audrey. Bob Ratcliffe & Yvonne with their Grandchildren. Chris Lindsay, Stuart Bidwell, Ken Freeman & Ken Wynn all turned up on solo machines. Roy Barrowcliffe also came along. Roy is a one time enthusiastic member of the SYSC. Mick & Linda also came to Bawtry but couldn’t make the ride.

  I thought that 2 hours would be ample time for the ride to Woodhall. How wrong can you be?

 After a steady ride as far as Beckingham, 5 miles short of Gainsborough, we ground to a halt. A solid line of traffic all the way down to the bridge over the Trent. ( The next day I learned that a gas main had burst near to the Trent port hotel.) This meant a detour via Retford, to cross the Trent at Dunham Bridge on the A 57. Further hold-ups on the Lincoln ring road system, meant that we eventually arrived at our destination after 3 hours hot & sweaty riding in heavy traffic.

Somewhere along the way, we lost three of the solo riders. They made it to market Raisen.

Some of us had the obligatory tour of the town. A visit to the chippy was a must. Then a half hour chat to the chap in the motorcycle shop next door. The owner here didn’t seem to get many customers, if any. He was just content to sit behind the counter and talk bikes. A great character.

  Once back at the park we met up with some Feddies that had taken the chance to air their outfits. Among them was Denis & Chris. John & Tracy. Mick Wadsworth. Steve from Sawley. Not to forget Chaddy.  Neil & Alice Piper also turned up.

  Just after 1600 we set off back for home. I was with Pete Ellis and Karen. I headed for Lincoln, not wanting to get anywhere near to the road works we had encountered on the way there. Even then, around Bardney we had to detour. I eventuall arrive back home at 18.30. What a day. I must say, I have had much better days riding than this one. Nevertheless, It was good to see some of the faces that hadn’t been seen for all of this year. Thanks to all that took the trouble to come.


My outfit has been in lockdown for all of this year. The last time I used it was to go to the Cadwell Park Sidecar Bash last October. Since then all I have done with it, is to start it up and run it for twenty mins. or so. Not ideal.  However, I am having plenty of fun riding my fantastic little M.Z.  Thanks Foz.


Now, Here’s a novelty.   Dates to consider.

Sept  18th. 20th    Acaster Malbis. This event is going ahead. However, spaces will be limited.  Anyone wishing to be there, contact Don Leng on 01759 371334.  Do NOT turn up unexpected. You may be turned away.


1995 BMW 1100RS

This bike has done 49,000 miles. Loads of history with paperwork.  Genuine reason for sale. It is getting rather big & heavy now for a 73 year old.  All this for just £2,000  For more info. Ring Bob Ratcliffe on 07833 173839.


Now, here is Audrey getting all-poetic.

Sounds familiar

Just a line to say I’m living, that I’m not among the dead.
Though I’m getting more forgetful, and mixed up in the head
I’ve got used to my arthritis, to my dentures I’m resigned.
I can cope with my bi-focals, but-ye gods-I miss my mind.

Sometimes I can’t remember, when I’m standing by the stair.
If I should be going up, or have just come down from there.
And before the fridge so often,my mind is full of doubt.
Now did I put some food away, or come to take it out.

So, remember that I love you, and wish that you lived near,
And now it’s time to post it, and say goodbye my dear.
At last I stand beside the post-box, and my face, it sure is red,
Instead of posting this to you, I’ve opened it instead.!!

Thanks for that Audrey. As I have said, I will publish most things sent to me.

Well, that’s it for this episode of Lockdown Lament.  I may try to arrange for a few days up at Pickering.  There again, anything can happen.

I hope that you are all keeping safe.

Regards John


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Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

Is it just me who thinks that this bike deserves to be a museum? Also, I really find him entertaining to watch.