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Hi Walter

I'm surprised you haven't received a new member package yet, maybe it's on it's way. Don't get discouraged I'm sure it will be sorted out shortly


USCA # 8913

Hi Walter 

Membership person here. I just returned from Ireland and in researching your question here I have located your membership application.  It appears you signed up just after I left for my trip. Not to worry, it will be in the mail shortly.

Ireland was wonderful! 

Thank you for your membership. 

Belinda Schraeder Murray USCA Treasurer/Membership 

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Belinda Schraeder EA, USCA Treasurer

Sent my renewal in today. A tad late, sorry!  Missed it by that much. ( holds two fingers up just about touching) Don't need any thing, just keep up with all the hard work. 🙂


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