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Something New

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At the last USCA Rally there was a lot of talk about bringing in new members and younger ones. I knew we had the son of a long time member at the rally. I talked with him and asked him to sign up. I got a YES. We got a form complied, $30 and got both to the right people. We had a new member. Now this was not hard for me as I have been a salesman most of my life.

We all talk about sidecars, if you ride a rig people are going to talk to you. But for some people it is hard to turn that talk into USCA Membership and get that big yes.

If the truth be known most of us like others to know when we have done something hard. So with the USCA Board OK we are starting a “USCA Recruitment Program.”

Now this is a two part program. First sign up five NEW members and you will receive a very nice Motorcycle License Plate Frame. Now there can be a number of you that win these but the big one will be “The Recruiter of the Year.” To win this you much sign up the most New members between one Nat Rally and three weeks before the next. This year will be a short year starting 10/2/2014 to 6/1/2015. There will be new Membership Application with a place for your name and USCA number. Till we get these out just write your name and number on the bottom. If you sign someone up on line e-mail me their info.

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Richard, did the new member look like this?

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Yes I think he did. LOL

I think this is a great idea. I've got a guy in mind right now.

That is great now only 4 more to go. After that it will be easier with your new Motorcycle License Plate Frame.

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That looks great. You sure do good work for a old fart. Keep up the ood work.
Tex. rep

Thanks J.R Now you do a little work and get one. He He

Here is two guys trying to get those New Members for USCA. It is Stu S/E Dir and Bob Fla State Rep had table @ both the Honda & Hardly dealers’ prebiketober fest parties on Saturday.

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I don't know where they are but there are some USCA banners that could beloaned out. I'll look to see if I have mine.

OK we have all the things we need to get this program running. Steve (the membership guy) has made the changes to the on-line sign up form. Martin (Editor - The SideCarist) has made the changes to the form in the Sidecarist. And we know this works because Butch Turner from Memphis. TN State Representative this week-end sign up a new member on line, 4 more to go.

I said “we had everything we need” I missed one thing we need you people to sign up us some new members.

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