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Some color for Thye Sidecarist?


Al:You have big fingers obviously.

I do the "thy" thing often too.The one thing (in my opinion) that recruits and retains members is advertising and activities geared for each members needs, especially advertising away from the club's own periodical.

A good example is ABATE of Michigan. Michigan ABATE is a grass roots organization that puts out a monthly newsletter on an 8x12 sheet of plain white paper, no pictures, nothing but is 12,000 members strong with a hefty dues standard. Why, because they address a common cause, have local activities almost every weekend and they have perpetuated a sense of camaraderie between the members.

The Sidecarist is really only available to paid members other than ones purposely delivered or distributed by us.

The club isn't looking at the whole picture. It needs to be treated as a business or at least apply the business philosophy.

What does a business need to become profitable? It needs a marketable product or service and the avenues to market that product and the product or service needs to be priced reasonably.Adding color to the Sidecarist (other than paid advertisers' color ad's), at this point, in my opinion, isn't needed or warranted.

By the way, Mary Sontag thanks you for your intervention in some dispute that I'm not completely clear on. I spoke with her last week, needed parts for my Spyder and we discussed it slightly.

I haven't been around for a few months, been at school and my computer literally went up in smoke. Back now, I think. This Vista OS is doubtful.

As the founder of the USCA I am in total agreement with limited color - along the following lines
1. Needs to be along business lines.
2. Color restricted to either centerspread and or front/back pages.
3. Try to get a manufacturer or other major player to sponsor the cost of the color - ie - color adds - maybe two half pages. So that the paid color page pays for the other page.

Color is easy to do if restricted to e-mail type mag - but can be extremely costly if on paper. Hence the need to have it at least partly or fully sponsored. Have seen where the use of color caused another organization to finally go bankrupt and finis. We have collectively put too much into the USCA to have that happen to us. Go color but do not let the use of color be the tail that wags the dog.

I personally enjoy thy(e) color and would pay another $5 in annual dues to help it stay that way. Re pins, patches, etc. mine are stuck in (on) my bulletin board as I don't wear a vest and don't want all those sharp pointy things ground into me if I go down as I also ride a 2 wheeler. I would like a more colorful, larger and attention getting USCA decal for the rig and maybe one that could also be used on a vehicle to help get the word out. But remember I'm fairly new to the organization and my ideas may have already been discussed and voted down. Max

I belong to another non-profit FSSNOC and we have recently had the editor/founder add some color thanks to folks who toss in fiver with their annual dues. Yet another NACAT, has started hustling the advertisers for color bits besides their ads. Take someone close to the advertisers for that one. And yes we have managed to redo contracts on both and that helps come up with the color $. NACAT and FSSNOC have the same add a member when the annual conference is close enough to attend lose a member when school funding for travel is curtailed. NACAT = North American Council of Automotive Teachers. FSSNOC gins members when the Thumoer Lunch is close enough to go too and some drop after that until it comes their way again. FSSNOC is Four Stroke Singles National Owners Club.

In some ways a bad ecomony can be a good thing. With a bunch of magazines and newspapers folding, we found ourselves getting some extremely competitive offers to publish our little magazine. The price we are paying now for a color covered magazine is less than we were paying before for black and white. We aren't being extravagant and we will watch the expenses vs income to make sure things continue to work. It isn't something that can't be changed in the future but for now I think it's great.

Just because it's a Sidecar magazine, doesn't mean it has to look like Hack job. Presentation is everything! Color on front and back cover. That allows for 3 pages of color ads or use the inside cover to highlight this issues articles with a little color photo and blurb. Charge advertisers a bit more to be on the color pages (some are small companies and won't be able to afford it but if they are loyal advertisers we make exceptions, etc..). Pens, pins, patches - No thanks. Make them available in the store for those who desire them.
Another thought for more exposure is to team up with another magazine. Is there a motorcycle magazine we could fill 4 or more pages in? It would make theirs bigger and ours more accessible. And if their big enough they probably already do color.
I think color makes a huge difference for getting people to pick and read any magazine(off the news stand). As a member - when it's mailed to me I read it as long as the pictures and headlines draw my attention.

Got the current issue of "The Sidecarist" and is the color great. Good stories, no great stories. 3 cheers for the editors and contributors. Max

I like pins, keep them on my hat, decals, patches (don't wear them but like them) and color. I think the ideas expressed here are all very good. Front and Back, inside spread, ads, etc. Big job for the publisher and the ad guy/gal, but doable and would add to the publication. Will it attract new members, doubt it, but we need to make sidecaring a more exposed sport/activity, and the only way to do that is ride and talk to people.