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Some color for Thye Sidecarist?


This is a question that I am asking as an individual member, not on behalf of the BOD. I haven't made my own mind up one the issue so I'm really interested in your feelings.

Your BOD is talking about adding color to The Sidecarist one a very limited basis, maybe four pages and doing it once or twice a year. The idea is to accomplish two things, to return more value to the members and to make The Sidecarist a better tool for recruiting new members. On the side of adding value, color in The Sidecarist is something that would benefit all members equally. It is tough to find a benefit that doesn't favor some members over others. For example, lower rally fees are only a benefit for folks who go to rallies.

How do you as a member feel about this? Is it a good way to spend our money? Is it something you want? Is there something that you think would be better?

If you don't want to post publically, you can send email directly to any of your Board members, they are all interested in what you have to say.

I'd like to see a color issue once or twice a year. Folks I've spoken with, particularly at some local shops where I left copies of the Sidecarist, have asked if we did a color issue ever. I think if used specifically for photo pages and the cover (I guess that would be four pages of photos in the center and then the inside and outside of the cover pages) we would get the most bang for our buck both for members and advertisers. I would really like to see color pics of the rally especially when I don't get to attend 🙂 Good for the membership and good for showing potential members that we're a bit more than a small club with a Xerox'd newsletter.

Just Bob's opinion, your mileage may vary...

If you are looking for something to give back to the members, I think that the money could be better spent by giving a patch or pin or something with all memberships would be more benefit than color once in a while would benifit more members

Thanks Al for posting this here. I have been watching the Board talk this over on Racedis II. I have not sent out any e-mails and the board members in my up line know I have no problem with doing that. Lol.

I have no problem with doing color in the Sidecarest if we can afford it. As some of you know I put out a news letter here in Fla and I have to this point used color. It just looks better. Does it bring in new members or hold old members? That one I do not know. We did an up grade of paper shortly after I joined did that change the membership numbers?

One of the things I have heard a number of times is “We get a new member and we lose one” and that is not just in USCA. That is one thing I have a hard time buying and so as a new State Rep I have tried to keep the members that we have and let them bring in the new members. With that in mine I would love to see some kind of pen that that shows how long a person has been a member. Maybe a pen with a number below that can be change each year a person re-news. This is just my thoughts at this time and they do change. Lol,

Thanks to all of you who replied. I'm hoping that more folks will post.

Richard, you asked if the switch in paper helped us retain members. We don't know yet but early reports say that it has helped with ad sales. I guess we'll see over the long run.

Thnaks again and keep the input coming.

Color is always a plus for me. I have been wondering if the paper used is more expensive than we need. It is very thick and glossy. Is there a lower cost substitute and can we then have color with the less expensive paper?
That's my two cents worth.

I think I'll go with Ron on this.

I have a whole drawer full of pins, AMA, GWRRA, and others. I don't wear them and don't go in for vests but that's me.

I think that printing all or part of the Sdecarist in color would be a good thing, especially to attract new members. As Bob mentioned, definitely have the rallys in color. The tech or informational articles, like mine, leave in B&W.

My .02

I like the idea of adding color to the magazine. If it wasn't for cost limitations, I'd like to see it on a regular basis. It would make a good quality magazine even better. I agree with Solo 1 on the pins. Don't need any more.

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

Speaking as a retired printer, I think some color would dress up an already improved magazine. The quality of paper being used now would really shine with color.