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Slug spacers in front forks, Goldwing


I have a 2003 Goldwing with Champion Escort sidecar. The front end has the easy steer extension, car tire on rear. It runs and steers great. How ever, because of the easy steer the front end is lower than it should be. I would like to raise it back to the stock height. Can this be be done by inserting tube spacers at the top of the forks, or do I need to acquire new, longer fork tubes?

Sometimes I find myself on logging roads and the little extra clearance would be helpful.

Most "ez steer" type triple tree's come with spacers that thread into the top of your forks, perhaps these were not installed on your bike?
We do not have any GL1800's in the shop right now that we have done this to for you to be able to come by and look. We do have a GL1800 in the shop that early next year we will be changing the triple tree's.
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Had same problem with 1500. Fix it by replacing OEM springs with Progressive spring.

Help from anyone knowledgeable about the front end on Goldwing... I have a 1500 with hannigan set up that I bought used. it has a modified triple tree but I have no way of knowing what springs are there. I am having trouble with the front wheel hitting hard on rough roads to the extent it has broken both rotor covers at the bolts where they bolt on and the front part of the fender at the forks... is it possible the springs that are there are wore out and replacing them would help the problem?

shabelj - 11/16/2017 2:03 PM

I am having trouble with the front wheel hitting hard on rough roads

Do you think front suspension is too hard or too soft?

i think that the springs are bottoming out, so i guess that would mean they are maybe too soft.

If springs are bottoming out progressive springs will help.

If trees were installed there should be fork extenders and also springs installed. Hannigan supplies them and Champion should also.

Claude, that is what I was thinking... So can you think of a reason that the front end would be bottoming out so hard. it doesn't take much of a pot hole for it to really hit hard and like i said front end pieces keep breaking. Do you think it is possible for the progressive springs to be worn out and maybe need replaced? Or would you have any other suggestions?

low oil in the forks will make it soft and bottom out and can even make it snap back up and hit on the rebound, that would be almost a sharp snap feeling and would feel like you hit bottom
if you stand on the pegs and grab the front brake and bounce down and forward how much does it bounce
if it feels soft and drops way down and doesn't came back up good it's most likely low on oil
you really should have someone check it to see if it has stock springs, if so many of us are in agreement you should go to progressives or another good brand spring
and make sure it has the proper amount of oil in the forks