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SlingShot in Wisconsin and other 3 wheelers

Wisconsin in a free be to Polaris has said the Polaris slingshot can be driven with on a regular car license.  Before I go any farther one thing must be made clear.  The state you live in and the license you carry from them governs what you can and can not drive in any state. You are bound by your states requirements.

In Wisconsin if you take a motorcycle endorsement test on two wheels you may ride a 2 wheeled motorcycle, Trike , sidecar  or CanAm spider type . If you take the test on a 3 wheeler you are restricted to three wheels.

Had someone just last week try to tell me I can not ride a 3 wheeled bike in states that require an additional endorsement. They are 100% incorrect.


I believe that Washington  state requires a the wheel permit for three wheeled vehicles. An auto license or a two wheeled motorcycle license will not do.


Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

The law in the state you are licensed in and reside covers you in all 50 states. Regardless of what any state laws is in effect.  One of the few things they got right when it comes to state law and regulation as it applies to others.

'Sorry, I misunderstood your post. I thought you were looking for states that didn't allow three wheeled vehicles for folks with a two wheel license such as the state of Washington.  OTOH, California lets you drive a three wheeler with only an auto license.  Go figure.  Yes, there is state to state license reciprocity but don't try that with helmet rules.

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

Yes helmets are equipment. While I do wear one I support the right not to. I found TN to be forgiving. Left the resort to run up and wash the bike on the way back I was stopped for no helmet. He reminded me TN was a helmet state.

Back many years ago I left the country with a FL drivers License. It expired when I was gone. When I return I was riding in WI and stopped. My license was almost 4 years expired. FL law at the time said if you were deployed out of the US your License did not expire until 12 months after your return. I was with in the 12 months. It took the office about 20 minutes to check on that . He apologized and released me.