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SKUNKS this weekend

Just a reminder for you folks in the "top middle" part of the country. The FABULOUS SKUNKS RALLY is happening June 1-3 in Cameron, WI. This rally is so laid back the participants are practically comatose. Enjoy an old fashioned low tech tire kicking story telling rally. The cost is low and so is the energy level. Good folks and good times. Almost primitive camping or nearby motels. Saturday evening meal and stupid doorprizes. For more info go to

Al, my mom and dad ventured over from Chetek (they are 81 and 86 respectively) and had a fine time
looking over the bikes and sidecars. Yes, they did send us a number of photos. Wish we could have been

Jim Uren, Memphis


'Glad they could make it. We're just back. The event lived up to it's reputatiuon for lack of energy and "quirkieness". Great dinner provided by Caroline and the volunteers from the museum. They opened the kitchen specially for us.

There was a bit raccountouring around the camp fire on Friday evening and more than two cigars were smoked. The trip out to Scrambler Cycle was a fav for some of the folks. Plans for next year include the same low energy non-events and general sitting around as this year only more of it. Congratulations to Kevin Hahn who was unanomously endorsed to another life term as Grand Phew-ba of the SKUNKS.