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Sit, Stay, Ride

Looking for fellow dog chauffeurs in northeast.

Our two Staffies just had their first sidecar experience. Nothing big. Just baby steps. They acted like they had been doing it their whole lives. I need to install an additional attachment point or two in floor of the tub so I can secure their harnesses a lot better than just tying a leash to the luggage rack. I don't want anyone jumping out of the rig at a stop light or trying to crawl into my lap while riding.

One of my riding friends was involved in organizing the Motorcycle Film Festival, where I believe they premiered the film Sit, Stay, Ride last year.

I'm in CT, and have a Jack Russell who doesn't have the size to jump out. She was the runt, and is about 12 years old. Short legs and no ambition (lol).
Haven't taken her for a "ride" yet, in the sidecar. She likes "rides" in the cages, but it'll be interesting to see how she takes to the sidecar. I'll likely introduce it to her in stages. She's so old, she's likely to have a stroke (lol). I'll go easy on her!

My 2 dogs enjoy riding with me in good weather.

Northern Vermont, about 25 miles from the Quebec border. I ride with golden retrievers
Barley had 55,000 miles under his collar before we lost him to lymphoma
Tulliver has 7,000 miles under his collar
16 month old Glenlivet is in training to take over when 8 year old Tulliver retires
8 year old Kazoo enjoys short rides around the village, but he's much too large for all day rides

Last August and September DW, Patches our old Doxie and I left Memphis and headed to Maryland, on up the dreaded I-95 mostly to Maine, into Nova Scotia and stayed in the Cabot Trail area for about a week. Yes, it is beautiful. A big ferry ride and on to Newfoundland. Another short ferry ride and welcome to Labrador. Wonderful people, but not enough paved roads for the Road King. Back over the short ferry and on up to the Quirpon/St Anthony areas for another week. If Leif Erickson knew how nice it was in Florida he would have beaten Ponce De Leon to the punch. Finally the cold was starting to affect how much we rode so we headed back south and west to Buffalo for wings. Then on to Albany for new tires. Finally we were home after 6400 miles (10,000 km) and a little over 2 months. There are simply no finer people in all the world than those found in the maritime provinces of Canada. It was good to get back and drive the truck for a change. That trip gave our Doxie about 35-40K in the tub. He wouldn't have it any other way!

I used to go there earlier, it was cool

wow the trip! it is good that everything turned out okay