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Sit Stay Ride Rally - Montana - Sept 17-20 2015

WHAT: Sit Stay Ride 1st Annual Gathering

WHEN: Thursday Sept 17 to Sunday Sept 20

WHERE: Lake Five Resort, Glacier, Montana --

WHO: Sidecarists with dogs, sidecarists without dogs, dogs without sidecarists, and everybody else

REGISTRATION: None, but reservations need to be made directly with Lake Five Resort. Phone 406-387-5601. Accommodations include cabins, tipis, RV campsites and tent sites. Be sure to mention that you are coming to the SSR Rally for discount rates.

FOOD: Supermarket and restaurants in Hungry Horse (8 mile ride) and Columbia Falls (15 miles). There might be some group meals served at the resort but we probably won't know for sure about this until we get there.

ACTIVITIES: Group ride Friday or Saturday through Glacier National Park (west to east) with a restaurant lunch stop. Each rider will be responsible for their own admission fee to the park, and for their own lunch. Whichever day we do it, the other day will be for exploring on your own or with others. We have a musical act booked for Saturday night.

At least 7 of the sidecarists portrayed in the documentary film Sit Stay Ride will be in attendance, as well as some of the participants from Sit Stay Ride II (not yet released.) The filmmakers, Eric and Geneva Ristau, will also be there in person.

There's no website or anything like that. If you have any questions or comments, ask them here or PM me.

We'll see ya there!! Really looking forward to this one...

Tom or Drone

I'm from Matlock
Is there a meeting place time and day to leave this side and ride together?

I'm leaving Wednesday. Come on over and ride with me and Petey if you want. I'll e-mail you directions if you're interested. We're between Reardan and Davenport in Lincoln Co. Don't know what Ned's plans are. But just got word Gary can't come...

You should be able to make it there in 2 days if you take I-90.

I've got a circuitous 1000-mile route planned and I'm leaving on Monday with a Thursday arrival. Will actually be arriving in Glacier from the EAST!

Here's hoping you both have a trouble free and dry trip!!