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sidecars on ice!

I am looking for advice on driving on ice, snow, black ice, icy pavement and any other slippery stuff with a sidecar. I have an Yamaha SR500 with a Velorex 562 attached. I currently live in the heart of the Raiders Nation in Oaktown Ca. I will be moving to Spokane Washington next week.
Its like a frozen tundra up there. Will I need special tires of some kind to ride on the streets. If I put dirt tires and screws in the tires will I leave a trail of cars behind me with flat tires. Its six thirty in the morning, I have already eaten about 250 pistachio nuts if I eat any more will I get a nose bleed? Please advise!

I live in Northern Wisconsin. I use the same tires summer and winter. No studs, No chains. Are you planning to go off road? I think you'll find it's not nearly as bad in Seattle as you've been told.

Sidecar Mike:
Thanks for the reply, I am moving to Spokane, in Eastern Washington.
Do you ride your bike often in the winter? At what point does it become unsafe? I don't plan to go off road, it might happen, Do you slide much? I am up to 638 Pistachio nuts my nose just started to bleed should I keep eating these little devels?

Stuff some nuts up your nose to stop the bleeding?
If problem persists see a nut doctor.

You will be more affected by the cold weather conditions than your outfit will. Think more about thermal or electric heated riding gear and waterproof boots and gloves. The arterial roads up here are maintained quite well during snow/icy conditions. Rain and slush are more of a problem because of visibility, or lack thereof, due to road crud being thrown up from other motorists tires and into ones windshield, faceshield, goggles, glasses, or any combination of the four. Spokane, being on the Great American Desert side of the Cascades, is quite a bit warmer in the summer, colder in the winter and dryer year around than western Washington.
I used to live in east Oakland but got tired of the brown hills and lack of big trees and the northwest greenery year round. So after five years I moved back up here to the northwest and finally settled in the Puget Sound area. I did, however enjoy all those sunny days in the Bay area and I'm glad the Raiders are back home.