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Sidecars in the Smokies

Thanks, she is still not felling to chipper

I hope you guys will be posting photos!

I would like to thank everyone for taking time to show me their rigs. Kathy and I felt at home with everyone, and of course our Lab Jade has never met a stranger.

What Al isn't telling you is that he also hauled a separate sidecar from Iowa for a buyer that he had never met and expected nothing in return. A great way to welcome newbies to the sidecar world. Way to go AL Olme.

Thank you all for a great time at the Rally. Ruth and I enjoyed meeting each of you and putting faces with names. a special thanks to Cliff and Noreen for "masterminding" this venture and having the patience to lead this "herd of cats " on some beautiful roads. The Ironhorse campground was a beautiful place and John and Colleen have made it a very welcoming and motorcycle friendly place. This was our first sidecar rally and we look forward to enjoying many more! Ya'all ride safe!

Great rally! Great facility! AND of course great people and rigs ... 3rd trip, plan to be there next year!!!!! 🙂

As has been said, Great rally; thanks Cliff and Noreen for organizing it and keeping everything running smoothly. The resort was beautiful as are the Smokies ! !

Wonderful Time! Robin and I enjoyed meeting everyone, and we're looking forward to seeing everyone down the road. Kudos to Cliff and Noreen for the great job putting it all together.

We got in yesterday about 5:00 PM
had a great time and got to meet more super nice people
Thanks to Cliff and Noreen from us as well, they did a great job and we look forward to next year
I have a couple of pics I'll post once I get them downloaded

Great rally.Good turn out,nice facility. If you missed it,you shouldn't have.
Tex. rep

I've posted my photos [few that there are] at . You DO NOT need to register to see them. If you want to ad your photos, send to me and I'll get them posted.