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Sidecars in the Smokies

Hi. Leaving Crockett today. Will be there Wed. or Thur. J.R.

we will be there mid afternoon Thursday

got the rake kit installed and new brakes done on the bike, got the wiring done for the brakes on the camper

Well, got to Statesville today. Should be in Robbinsville early tomorrow afternoon. Looking forward to meeting all of you!

Is anybody going to this event planning on selling their rig afterwards? We are looking for something that has a sidecar for 2

Leaving home Thursday AM, Will be there mid afternoon Thursday. Really looking forward to meeting everyone.

Ruth Daisy and I are here. What a beautiful place. Nice to be in a campground without all the usual distractions. Camping like it used to be before all the big rigs came in. Be prepared, closest grocery shopping is about 12 mi. away and closest Walmart is about an hr. away. GPS stopped working half way through the trip. Made for some interesting adventures! Heading to Murphy and Deals gap tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing all of you this weekend.

Just washed the bikes. Loaded everything except our clothes. Reading these post and getting excited , can't wait to ride and meet you all. Coming in Friday afternoon when my boys get out of school...

Welllll sh*t - Already to blast off this morning and Linda' throughout her back.....better stick around to help.
You guys have a grand time! Maybe see some of you in the Rockies in July.

I got in yesterday. Met some new folks and caught up on some old friends.

Oh yeah, I "DID THE DRAGON" mistake! I was blindly following the GPS in my Honda Pilot, towing the rig and noticed a sign advertising my photo on the Dragon and by then I was on it! 11 miles, 300 plus turns, lots of semi angry sport bikers [I was not the only four wheeled vehicle out there]. It was a workout, even with power steering. The sport bikers all passed me ignoring the double yellow.

The Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge is REALLY NICE! I'm looking forward to having the rest of the crowd show up.

Wow, bummer! Hope she will be ok. A bad back is certainly not something you want to have if traveling long distance. You'll be missed. Wish her a speedy recovery! See you down the road!