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Sidecars in the Smokies

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I know it's early but just wonder if anyone from Eastern NC is planning to attend the Sidecars in the Smokies rally in April 2016? just sending in my registration form and made reservations at the Campground. Sound like it will be a lot of fun. Looking forward to meeting some other sidecar folks. Thanks

Avanell and I are working on plans to be there. Be the first time we have been able to make it.

Where do I find info and registration form for this 2016 Sidecars in the Smokies Rally? I've search the site and Googled, but can't find anything on it for 2016.

Check with Cliff Cyphers at 828-369-8060 or his e-mail (

There is a flyer in the Set-Oct Sidecarist,page 14.Hope to see you there.
Tex. Rep.

Thank you both! Saw the flyer, sent in the reservation and fee and made reservations at the campground. See you there!

Would you let me know if anyone else from eastern NC or SC will be making the trip. Thanks

Thanks for the info. I'm making my reservations and sending in my Registratin form and fee this week. NCGLSidecarist, my wife and I live outside Winston Salem, and we're going. Been to Iron Horse before, really nice place.

Thanks, that's great! When we spoke with the campground they really enjoy the group and said it is a great get together!, We're really looking forward to meeting other sidecariists and do some real riding in the Smokies. As we get closer I will be in touch about travel and other details. Thanks again, have a great weekend!

New to the usca. Does anyone have the dates for sidecars in the smokies. Thanks for any info

April 28 th through May 1st, at Ironhorse MC Resort.

Sidecars in the Smokies

Welcome to North Carolinas Sidecars in the Smokies.
Come and join us for a fun filled weekend of camping, bike games, raffles,fellowship, good food and great people.The sidecar rally will
be held at IronHorse Motorcycle Campground in Robbinsville N.C.
the weekend of April 28th thru May 1st 2016.On site camping reservations
will be taken by the Iron Horse Campground call: 828-479-3864 or e-mail is them ASAP.

Rally fee includes prime rib dinner on Saturday night.Pre-registration by
April 1,2016 gets you a rally shirt also.Registration is $35.00 per person.

Drivers Name_______________________Shirt Size______Color_____



E-mail address____________________________

Drivers Name_________________________Shirt Size____Color____

Passenger Name__________________________Shirt Size___Color____

Passenger Name___________________________Shirt Size___Color____

Passenger Name__________________________Shirt Size___Color_____

Number of people_____ X $35.00 Total enclosed________

Choice of shirt colors are Black,Blue and Red.

Mail completed form and payment to:
Cliff Cyphers
1963 Old Murphy Rd
Franklin, NC 28734
(make checks payable to Cliff Cyphers)

The rally registration fee does not include camping, is that correct? If so, we are to register for camping at the IronHorse Campground, is that correct?

I don't think we can make it to the Rockies this year for the big event so I think we will try to at least get to the Smokies

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do you have a flyer i can post over on the USCA facebook page ?

I just made my reservations at Iron Horse. If your planning on camping you better move quick as we just reserved the last 2 tent sites with elec.

USCA # 8913

Room is booked and I have my "kitchen pass". I'll be there... still hoping Maryann can come as well.

glad to see your going to make it, we are rooting Maryann being able to join you
are you still riding the BMW

USCA # 8913

As of last night Maryann was on board so we'll probably both be there. Still riding a BMW?? Yes, but which one? I have an R1100RT/Hannigan and a K1100LT/EML [still in the works but should be ready in time]. The RT will be up for sale in the spring... I guess it's for sale now but it's in storage so I don't have any pictures. We'll most probably be on the K1100LT/EML GT2. My old K1100LT [now Snowbum's rig] was black or maybe it was really dark gray but the new one is Mystic red. I'd prefer the more sedate color but not enough to repaint over a good factory paint job. In order to make the trip we'll be towing the rig. I guess that will get me a lot of flack but I'd rather tow it and get there than ride it and not go.

I just remember you saying you weren't happy with the one you were riding at the Rally in SD. and saying you were going to sell it

USCA # 8913
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