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Sidecars in the Smokies 2019

with only a couple more weeks to go I'm surprised we don't have a thread about this rally. So I am going to start this one for it.

We missed last year but have our reservations set for this year and look forward to seeing everyone there again.

For us it's always the first trip of the year so we are really looking forward to it. if your going drop a post here.


USCA # 8913

We're going.  I posted at page on the Sidecar Events tab.

Did anyone here attend the rally. If so how was it? Any pictures? We were not able to attend this year and are really interested. We know Ironhorse has changed hands. Are there still plans for next yr? Thanks

we were there, as always had a great time. had a little rain Thursday afternoon late and  Friday morning but it didn't get in the way of riding or having a good time. Cliff's new ride broke down just as we were heading to the lunch run so they were stuck driving the pickup all weekend

but it didn't look like it was going to be too bad to repair, starter issues

most of the pictures we took were from the bike as there were a few keeping the pictures going around the campground

can't wait to see some of them. so far only changes we saw was improvements in landscaping and some new machines.

good thing is we saw the same friendly faces we were used to seeing and a couple new ones. Jim the new property manager seems to be a real good guy and cares about how things are going

some new land has been bought and is being worked to expand the lodge overall but at this time it's hard to say how or if that will effect us when we come back, so yes it is ON again for next year. we reserved our spot on the corner of Tabakki Rd.



USCA # 8913

Thanks for the update. Really glad to hear it was a success. Cliff and Noreen do such great work.  I’m also pleased that the new owners are supportive of the gathering. Heard that Horizons Unlimited had to cancel their fall gathering this year because the new owners decided to turn the upper room used for presentations into a “pool hall”.  Not thrilled with that.  Time will tell.  Really missed seeing all of the folks and talking about rigs and such. Looking forward to seeing the pics when posted. Ride safe and we’ll see you on down the road!