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Sidecars in the smokies now 2021

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I hope Wheels thru time is back open by then.  I'm going 

Dave USCA president 

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I'm in, looking forward to meeting the east coast riders.


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While I still endorse the Sidecars In The Smokies Rally, Maryann and I will not be there.  It seems that while we prepaid some $435 for our room in 2020 and were assured that the reservation would be carried forward, Iron Horse says they have record of the credit [to be used in 2020 or 2021] but they have sold the room and have no more space.  The folks at Iron Horse are very nice and accommodating and I feel this was an honest mistake but we are still screwed and will miss out on a great rally.

To those of you who will still be able to attend, we know that you will have a great time.  Cliff & Noreen put on a great event and the area and facility are both terrific. 

Al Olme

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

Whoa ! Guessing everyone else with a roll over reservation (from 2020) had better reconfirm their spot !  Did they contact you first or were you reconfirming ?

I called yesterday I'm confirmed.  Took 7 calls.  But Pam said I'm good for the Lonestar cabin.  feel sorry for Al and anyone else that gets a mix up.

Dave USCA president

still looking for a South East director and NC state rep.  

Dexter last ride as a 6 year old

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I believe I live about 2 hrs away in SC so I am hoping to take a ride up there. My problem is that I have to attend school In April for professional CEU's to maintain my credentials and licenses. I am juggling things so I can break away and spend at least one day there. Its not the classes its the  travel time to them that is the problem. Chuck

I finish a class in Columbia SC on 23rd so I probably can go to Robbinsville on the 24th or 25th. Most likely the 25th. I am very interested in DIY rigs and learning  from experienced riders how they do things.  I gain experience very quickly because I treat my ride as a means of transport so its not just a toy for me to play with in my spare time.  See youall there Chuck

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John Holbrook

I forgot to send in the $45 fee  to Cliff. Can it just be paid at gathering or do you even need to do it at all

You can pay at the door.  April 1st is for T-shirts.  It also helps to be counted for the dinner.

Dave USCA president

Sidecars in the Smokies was a great success again. A big thanks to Cliff and Noreen Cyphers for doing such a great job. About 90 registered and 50+ arrived. There were 2 members of the USSidecar association in attendance. Several people I spoke with are planning to attend the National Rally in Mena Arkansas.

Great to see some old friends and many new people as well. Plans for next year are being formulated so stay tuned for those. Again a big THANKS to Cliff and Noreen for 11 great years of Sidecars in the Smokies. 

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