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Sidecars in the Smokies 2023

Hello all!  I have been trying to get a reservation at Ironhorse Motorcycle Resort for the rally but they're not responding.  I've called them twice and contacted them through their website twice.  Is anybody else having this issue?

Ok, my second contact via the website yielded this:


We apologize for your inconvenience, we do have Deluxe Rooms available for this event.

At this time we are upgrading our phone systems while we are closed for the season. If you would like to give us a call back mid next week we should have them up and running again.


Our office hours will be M-F 10a-2p



Thank you,



If they had responded like this the first time, I would have understood.  I will try them again later next week.

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CCjonThane Lewis


Iron Horse is a great place, and they have some really good people there. 

I was about to post that they were most likely closed but would respond to your E-mail, but I see they did 



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Believe me, I know their reputation and it is good.  That's why I was having issues that I was getting no response.  Even when you call them, they say they are open.  Their website states they are open year round.  They just needed to tell the public that they were closed. 

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Hi Charlie,

I called yesterday (February 22) and made our reservation.

Had been trying for a while with emails and messages.

All good!






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