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Sidecars in the Great PNW

Is there a sidecar-oriented group in Western WA?

Currently I know of no active club. My wife and I ran the NW sidecar piolets for years, turned it over to another couple to run and the club sort of fizzled away. There was the Big Foot sidecar club out of BC, they may still meet up for breakfast however I can no longer find their web site.

We were planning on an open house at our company with free food and camping for all interested in sidecars. Then Covid hit. We might have an open house this summer but only if Covid starts going away more.

There are a few local people that will arrange a group ride in the area. They do this over on the site

Jay G
DMC sidecars

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CCjonThane Lewis
Jay G DMC sidecars 15616 Carbonado South Prairie RD Buckley WA 98321 866-638-1793 Hours Monday - Thursday 6-4:30

Sounds like fun. If the Chicom 19 cooperates we will check it out. After over a year of avoiding human contact re-establishing it would sure be nice.


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There are LOTS of sidecarists in the PNW, probably more than any other area of the country. You might provide more info about yourself - like where you live [or? wa? id? adding the city would help]  and the type of rig you have. While there might not be a local sidecar club there's always someone doing something. 

Just my 2 cents.


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2011 R1200GS + EML CT2001

UMCI, United Motorcycle Club International, in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.  Not a sidecar club but we have sidecarists in all three states.  Contact me by email and I will send you contact info for all three states.

Gary Shearer, Oregon State Rep,


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CCjonReardan Tom

Hi Gary, Yes! I agree, the UMCI is a great group and very similar to the sidecarists I know. Pretty laid back. Barb and I have been UMCI members for a long time. Our oldest and dearest group. Although Barb doesn't ride with me anymore. I continue to invite riders I know to our Spokane breakfast meetings. Several have come and continue once they find out what a compatible group it is. Hope to cross paths with you sometime this summer....

- "retired" WA state rep. Many years and many posts more than what show up here now.