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Sidecars in the Flinthills rally not sanctioned by USCA

The flint Hills rally does not qualify as a USCA reagional event nor is it sanctioned in any way by the United Sidecar Association do to lack of liability insurance.
Colby M Cousineau
Vice President USCA


Curious how much liability insurance is for a rally like that? ALWAYS look for your rig when I am at the Little Red Schoolhouse Cafe.


Jim, when I decided to have this rally last fall, the USCA was a BMWMOA charter club. They have the cheapest insurance rates for this type of event. Someplace around $200 for a weekend rally. In July you know we had new officers take over and the charter membership was due for renewal June 30. It requires 5 crossover members and a $15.00 fee. Well John Kennedy had the paperwork and only last week completed the info and mailed it in. Right now we still have not heard if our application has been accepted. Other insurance can cost 2 or 3 times that amount and since all of the expense associated were being paid by me personally I just could not afford the fee for a small rally of 60 people.