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Sidecars in Phoenix area. want to meet.


We plan to return in January with the Savage/Cozy rig. Have a house in San Tan Valley (Used to be Queen Creek Address). Village at Copper Basin. Hope to meet some of you then, Max

Good to here there are more sidecarists arround. I went to the Chandler Wed. night bike night a couple weeks ago and there were 5 sidecars there, most I've seen at one time here in AZ. I hope to get a sidecar luncheon some weekend soon but seem to have most weekends booked. Will figure out a week soon. Doug, AZ. Rep. USCA.

I am located in Douglas, Arizona, down by the border with Mexico. I have a Moto Guzzi/ California Friendship II sidecar rig(. I am in Tucson/ sahuarita/ green valley almost every weekend have retirement home there) Rick.

Wow not much S/C action in Phoenix I guess. This thread is over Six years old. Kinda hot to ride right now but I just picked up a S/C rig.. I'm in Surprise.

I'll be making the scene as soon as I get my "new" rig sorted. Mechanically, cosmetically and "rider learning curve". Been a two wheeler for many decades. This will be a new pucker experience.

Looks like most (all) rides will be solo - or with two wheelers, given the lack of responses on this old thread.

'78 GL1000/Terraplane!

Crap, another Sidecar guy in Phoenix..... I guess I'll have to start using the damn thing... I need more practice and the bike needs some TLC. My longest day is 110 Miles up to Sun Set Point and back. Cruise Control quit that day and I haven't had a chance to mess with it. Just picked up the FSM on Sunday.

Jiminy Cricket. I can't ride with you, Big T! Some of my ugly might rub off. Dang, that thing is like the Starship Enterprise.

Mine (currently) looks more like a dump truck.

Very nice 1500 rig. Very nice indeed.

I'm elbow deep, though, and will at least be on the road shortly.

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We need to get together for a ride because I seem to be the only rig in Mesa , at least I never see one. Weekdays might be good Let's try to coordinate a ride . Doug

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