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Sidecars for tall people

I notice some manufacturers, like DMC, give dimensions for leg room. Others, like Ural, I can't find anywhere. The problem is, I can't try on any of the ones I can find measurements for.


My fiance is 6'4"with a 37" inseam. With her feet as far in the nose of a Ural as she can get them, her knees stick out above the dashboard (front deck? whatever you call it). Does anyone have a measurement of legroom for a Ural? I don't know how Jay measures it, but I'm presuming from the edge of the seat to the nose.


I'd like to find one with enough room for her to slouch down, even, so it probably has to be a custom extended sidecar. (And I thought regular ones were expensive lol) Does anyone know about sidecar models that have exceptionally long legroom? I'm looking at something like DMC's Tomahawk to mount on an Indian Roadmasters, so the bike should be plenty big enough to handle it. How much does extending the tub affect handling, and do you think the frame needs extending? My thought is no, It's not really going to be holding any weight, and other sidecars don't have a full length frame.


Thanks in advance!

Can't help with the Ural, other than to say when I tried one on I was only comfortable when sitting halfway onto the passenger seat. My Hannigan Astro measures 56' from the back of the seat to the tip of the nose. How much of that would be usable I don't know as I just got the rig and have yet to sit in the hack. Wouldn't do you much good as I am 6'1" with a 33" inseam.

If you live in AZ you are welcome to come try it on.

In the case of our Expedition and Adventure sidecars we lowered the floor 2 inches ahead of the frame for more leg room and raised the top for more knee room which would help, The seat back could be made out of slightly thinner foam and the bulk head could be moved aft slightly into the trunk area,  the seat base could also be raised at the front and the angle of the back reclined a bit, these would be minimal gains but might add up to enough with out having to do custom body work which is far more expensive then some minor changes to how the sidecar is built. The Tomahawk sidecar while the leg room might seem like more as the nose comes to a point, there is not a lot of space at the very front for feet. Also as with most sidecars other then the Tomahawk and the Adventure the floor is flat.

Buying a sidecar is not cheap, having a sidecar that will not meet your needs is truly expensive. It might be worth figuring out how to come out and see our sidecars as well as sitting in the sidecars so that we can work out how to make this all work for you. A trip to our factory in order to do this right once the first time is a whole lot less expensive then doing it wrong the first time. If you are going this route let me know before you show up so that I can make sure that we have at the appropriate state of construction some sidecars to sit in as sidecars come and go constantly.

Our M72 type sidecars are almost exactly the same size as the Ural.


Jay G
DMC sidecars


Thanks guys. I really don't see a trip across the country happening. I might be able to swing it to pick up a sidecar, but I guess if I'm going to get things custom made, they have to be custom tailored, too.


The added expense for that on top of everything else... Sigh. If I'm getting a hack, it damn well better be comfortable for the tall lady, or it might as well be a solo with a tractor seat. I don't see me spending that sort of money and not get it right like you said. Problem being, that alone is more expensive than my entire current rig. You get what you pay for, though. I don't know if you recall giving me advice for a few years, but if I had gotten a more expensive rig, you probably wouldn't need to.


Thanks again!

I am going to throw my 2-cents worth in here.  We started with an R90/Watsonian GP which was definitely too small for me at 5'11"/180#.  I would on occasion have my wife drive and I rested - but I couldn't get comfortable.  We lived near the Motorvation factory and went to visited Mary and the crew.  We decided that the Formula was right for our needs and bought a used one and installed it on a K1100LtA.  That one worked for us for 20+ years and 60k miles.  I could slouch down and rest the back of my helmet on the seat-back and have been known to nap in the sidecar while Joan piloted.  I would vote for rig with a Motorvation Formula.


Will Short

USCA President



Jeff, what part of the country are you in?  I ask as the riding season is getting into full swing in a month or so, there will be both regional and national sidecar rallies were you and your fiancé could sit in sidecars, check out leg room, etc. The talk with various owners about what they like and don't like about their rigs.

There are several regional rallies happening in the next 30 days.


We just had a man to the shop who is 6'5" and a bit on the heavy side, he was able to fit fine into the Adventure sidecar however would have fit better in the Expedition which is 4 inches wider, we just did not have one mounted to a bike for him to try.

Jay G
DMC sidecars


Thanks! I'm just not sure the expedition or adventure are the style is want on the Indian. How different is the size? I realize the tomahawk tapers toward the front, but aside from that.


How much added comfort is not having the front taper? I mean, am I really cutting down on usable area? For long trips, people need to move around and adjust. This obviously limits that, is it a deal breaker? I'd rather have the styling, but her comfort is more important. I'm not really sure how much she would consider this even if she came out and sat in one, and finding out after a long trip is problematic.


I appreciate all your help. If it looks like I'm kind of flailing around in the dark... Well, if the shoe fits.. Lol