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Sidecars 101

Nobody has mentioned this subframe in 3 companies. They have all just said "just 4 pins (or bolts) to unhook it" I find this dissapointing news, fo it will be tight financially to get another rig and a sidecar.
Grasping at straws, but any other way besides a subframe?

Thanks again, Lonnie!

Fred. Being new to sidecaring as of last year, I, too, was hopng for two things: One, No sub frame to be needed and Two, I could take it off quickly to convert back to two wheels riding.
In my case, a Valkyrie/Motorvation Spyder, neither hope worked out. The sub frame (read expensive) was necessary and the thing steered way too hard for this 79 year old. I could still ride on two wheels with the sub frame attached but no way would I take the chance to ride with the trail reduced, as needed, for the Valk. Problem is solved. Sidecaring only. I'm not sorry.


For the same price as many sidecars cost including mounting and sub-frames one can get a turnkey sidecar outfit complete with the motorcycle already setup. Then you can choose whether to ride the solo bike or take the sidehack rig for family rides, taking the dog (dogs), camping, shopping, touring or whatever.
I have a sidecar shop just down the road in Boise and I usually try to have a Turnkey rig available built for sale.
If you are interested, drop me an e-mail at:

Lonnie Cook
Northwest Sidecars
Boise, ID


First of all, this is my first time on the forum. I was directed here by several other local sidecar guys, and I have to say, I really LOVE the sense of "community" here and in the sidecar world.

Fred, I know exactly how you feel. I came to Hacking by way of my wife mentioning how nice it would be to be able for her, me, and our 9 yr old daughter to get out on the bike and enjoy rides all together. I own an '04 Road King Custom and, as it is my "daily driver", I didn't want to add a sidecar. I brought up the Ural online (fell in love with them at the local Int'l M/C shows) and she thought it very worthwhile to discuss. I ended up finding a used '05 Patrol and, since it was in excellent condition (w/extras, INCLUDING the "How to ride a Ural Sidecar" handbook)and the asking price was LESS than some sidecars w/mounting subframes, I jumped at it. It's been a wonderful time for all of us and I can barely get my daughter out of the chair!

Speaking of "manliness"...yes, even though I'm just a BIT younger than some of you guys (hehehe), having been a licensed solo rider for over 28 years, 5 of them as a road racer, another 2 as a road racing track marshal/instructor, I really had to buck up to the fact that I'M NEW AT THIS and my EGO could get my family hurt. So, I snuggled up with the handbook, went to the local church parking lot (the same parking lot where I had worked with other riders to help them to pass their M/C licensing tests), worked the exercises and PRACTICED riding the combo. It has paid dividends, as my next time out, I was much smoother in my right-hand turns and didn't panic when the chair got light. I've had a lot of advice and support from some local guys that I met on a charity ride, and they've all taken "the new guy" under their wings. As for "manly", I had a group of guys around my Ural at work the other day, and even the hardcore guys had to admit how much they loved the whole concept of it. Yeah, my 42hp opposed twin isn't going to rattle their teeth as I go by, but with my 2wd engaged, I'll be parking up-close in the snow while they're walking in from the nether reaches of the parking lot in the dead of winter while their solos are tucked up in garages and sheds!



the sub frame thing shouldn't scare you, '02 marauder/cf1 rig was clamped to the frame last season,,..this allowed flex in 1 mount point which cracked over time,..this past winter I fab'd a sub frame which secures to the bike with 3 bolts along the bottom motor mounts, and the two vertical supports up top, this tightened you the rig signifigantly...I can remove the subframe mounts and risers in about 20 min for solo riding and install within an hour. after 15 000 miles it seems to be working well,....just try to keep my 5 year old out of it, hehe good luck crawf

Have not been on for awhile and thanks so much... any other points of view on this?
Lonnie, I will be calling! I am also going to get a straight answer out of texas sidecar as far as hooking and unhooking the subframe as well, my bike may be a little low for I sometimes scrape floorboards at this time already...


I too encountered that issue,..the CF1 car axel height is aprox 9-9.5 inches from ground,..the marauder is 5.5 inches from road,..this made for creative mounting and suspension adjustments,..I am also running a car tire on the rear which limits my elbow scraping corners when the car is removed, are certainly going about this the correct way,...this group has the experience and the tecnical advantage in this field to answer any questions pertaining to cars,...find a car, find a bike, and you'll fully understand it,...hehehe it's fun, peace, crawf

I've thoroughly enjoyed reading "Sidecars 101'! After riding solo for 50 plus years I'm a neophyte with the third wheel. When the knees went south I decided that if I were going to continue riding safely I needed to add a third wheel. I find that I enjoy riding the sidecar as much as I ever enjoyed riding solo.

great to hear Bob,..let's all keep riding as long as we can,...'cause ya only ride this rock once,..hehe cheers, crawf.

Check out Trans-Moto in Canada
I just purchased a Bimmer model from them for my 2004 Road King.
They supply specific mounts for almost any Motorcycle and sidecar
they sell. They are also quick disconnet mounts. Just pull the 4 pins
and the sidecar is freed from the bike.( Dolly recommended )
Yes there is a subframe that is mounted to your Bikes frame but it is designed with maximum ground clearence in mind. The subframe attaches with only 3 u-bolts that can be taken off in no time if you are uncomfortable about solo riding with it in place. You can mark the contact points of the subframe to the Motorcycle frame with tape or paint this way you know exactly were to bolt it up again without having to set your alignment again. Good luck in your search.