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Is there a way to join USCA, but instead of getting a print copy of the SideCarist, to have it sent to me in Kindle (preferred) or .pdf format in an email?

It takes forever for bulk rate mail to arrive to the US's furthest flung territory, it'll save a tree, as well as postage.

I'm confident that there well may be others who would have this preference.

BE IT KNOWN.. I didn't start this thread [this time].

One potential issue is that as the number of printed copies falls, the cost per copy goes up. The best you might get anytime soon may be getting an electronic copy as well as the print copy. We've spoken about putting some content in a "Members Only" space on a web page. When this first came up the tech to do it was a big deal but thankfully things have changed and it's a bit easier to do now. Still a big job for an already overworked President.

Well, we just joined anyways.

We don't mind supporting a good cause, and no sense in rocking the boat, just thought I could save everyone a buck.


Welcome to the USCA! I believe you are our first member from American Samoa.

It is a good idea but we've talked about it before and it never got much traction.

🙁 I don't know if the Jan/Feb Magazine is out yet, but I have yet to receive one as of 2/19/2014. Member #8384 Expires 10/1/2016
Thanks, Ron