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sidecarist- Quickly?

I found out from Lonnie the current issue really has an article I need. I was debating joining the Association, and today just did. I know it takes a while to get stuff done and get the subscription in, but I'm worried about whether I'll get the article I need.

Any way to make sure of this / have someone send me a copy / some other solution? When does it ship, and when is the next issue to be expected, as in, how much time is there for me to still get the current issue before they replace it with a newer one? While I'll be happy if I get it eventually, of course I also want it right now so I can read the good info. I'm trying to get the rig together again after catastrophic failure, and I think Lonnie wrote a good article on exactly what I need to do, so I don't want to bug him too much if there's info already out there. Perhaps like everyone else- there just isn't any info out here, I'm happy to get someone's opinion, let alone a whole article about what I need!

Whatever you do, don't tell us what kind of rig you're trying to rebuild, or what's wrong with it, or whether the article was written by Lonnie Cook from Boise or Lonnie Lonnquist from Helena. And definitely don't tell us the name of the article or which issue it appeared in. That would REALLY give it away!

I know I spend way too much time on Facebook when I find myself wanting to click "like" on posts like Drone's. Frequently get the same urge when Lonnie posts. And others. Oh yeah, just to be clear, that would be Lonnie Cook...

Yeah, if I knew more I'd probably have the magazine. But yes, Lonnie Cook, thanks for the response! 🙂 I got my membership pack and the article is in there. 🙂 I was worried that instead of a May/June issue, the current one might have been an April/May and I'd get the new mag without that article. How many Lonnies wrote articles in the current issue? I didn't think there would be confusion, sorry about that.