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Sidecar wanted for 1984 BMW R80

Please contact me at if you have one for sale or have some thoughts about how I can get one: New or used.  Thank you!

The place to find the most recent listing seems to be at  then click on Forums at the top of the page. Scroll down to the Hacks section. At or near the top of that page you will see Fleabay. That is where you will find the listings.


I have a friend that has a Champion Escort for sale. It needs a new windshield. Let me know if your untested.


You will also need proper mounting hardware as "universal" in general means it fits nothing "universally" and in the case of your R80 as the frame is very thing tubed, frame clamps over time tend to damage the frame.

All of our sidecars will come with proper mounts designed for your bike. Not quite "new" we have the Sputnik sidecars $3495 which includes the hardware needed for your bike I have attached photo's of the R100S my wife use to own that we painted to match.

Jay G
DMC sidecars


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