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Does anyone know of any sidecar riding courses in the state of Texas. Somewhere close to San Antonio would be great

Welcome to the slightly off-center world of sidecars, Christoper!


I'm not sure how up to date this info is, but hopefully it's a help...

> 1st. Weekend of each month – Pineywoods Riders Academy offers the Sidecar/Trike Education Program. For more information contact Marcus Renfroe at 3415 East Denman Ave., Lufkin, TX 75901. 936-637-7555 or 936-674-6767, fax 936637-7530.



There is more training info under the "Welcome" menu above.  There are also some Texas sidecar events under the "Sidecar Events" menu if you are perhaps wanting to see sidecars and learn about them.  Good folks who would be happy to give you advice.



Marcus is still doing a course the first weekend of th month. Roughly 200 mils from San Antonio. He has loner rigs in case you don.t have your own.


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