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Sidecar safety

RE; 2007 Yamaha Roadstar xv-1700 w/ California I sidecar attached w/ elec lift/lower

- Has anyone heard of or have any info on a new safety attachment to the motorcycle opposite of the sidecar side that prevents turn over on sharp turns toward the sidecar side?
- Thanks 🙂 🙂

Hey Spare,

I recall reading on this forum something about a single wheel outrigger type of "safety catch" on maybe a spring-loaded arm. I'm pretty sure the consensus of the group is that it's more dangerous than helpful.

Here's the thread I was thinking of:

Learning proper riding skills would be a much better idea. I would not think what you are asking about would be a good idea. Read the book "Driving a sidecar outfit" by David Hough and practicing the exercises in it would be a good starting point. Better still take a sidecar class
We offer the book for $34.95 as does White horse press.
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Jay is right! First make sure the rig is set up properly, then learn to handle it without adding an outrigger. If you mount a wheel on the left side [and it has been done] you might turn your rig into a car legally. That is the case in many states...four wheels makes it a car and you would then have to comply with all the things that a car has to have like seat belts and windshield wipers. Further, the previous attempts at adding an out rigger wheel or another sidecar on the other side have lead to vehicles that can "high center" and leave the drive wheel off the ground going over s. All in all it is a bad idea.

Better to learn to shift your weight towards the sidecar in right turns [US sidecars mounted on the right] or if you really must, add ballast. Ballast is a sub-optimal solution but much better than an outrigger.

Give us some info about your rig and maybe we can be of more help.

Thought that sounded familiar. I was the OP of that thread. Wasn't serious about buying but just curious like the OP here is. Putting an Escort on my Valk

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