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Sidecar roof.

  Anyone here make their own roof/cover and framework for a sidecar?   Picked up an older Hannigan.  (Sport type) and the roof/cover and frame were not with the unit. 

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Anyone have a roof for this model I could copy to fabricate the framework?


Have you contacted Hannigan? 

  Yes,  they just got back to me.  Told me to call Monday and they will give me a price for the frame and top.  

 I have never seen a canopy on a Sport. Cover maybe but not a Canopy. I have one on my Hannigan Twin classic. Hard to see in your picture. Does it have snaps on the windshield

Hello Smitty.  it does have snaps on the windshield.  I have a picture of one I got off the Internet with a roof.  I called Hannigan and they said they have to special order the frame and top.  They will not send it to me as it has to be installed by them at their facility.  $495 for the parts then an hourly rate to install.  Guess they don't think some of us are capable of doing some installations.  Well time to get out the mech engineering draftsmans set and draw up some plans and bend some metal.   Worked for a prototype sheet metal shop ages ago.  Lots of military and aircraft stuff.   Time to clear the cobwebs off my brain.  Went to two boat canvas top places and they said if I make a frame they'll cover it..

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  Quick sketches…..Bimini top fittings will be used.   Should work🤔


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