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Sidecar Ready Monday


Beautiful rig. I agree with the other comments, probably won't need the doggles. I use them on my dogs because it is an open rig with windshield. The windshield does offer protection but still gets windy.

Good luck with your new rig.


Hey Mark, wow, what a rig, it is beautiful. Let us know how it goes.

WOW! Steers like a 1936 two ton, other than that I'm very pleased with my rig. I've got a lot of practice time needed before I'm going to feel comfortable. I figure I'll mainly stay on the small back country roads for the foreseeable future, which is where I ride my S1000RR anyway but the pace will be quite different. I'm thrilled with my choice of the car and the bike I choose to pair it with.

It's a fantastic looking rig. Congratulations!

Got a couple of rides in over the weekend of about a total of 100 miles. The more I'm on it the more comfortable I feel with it. Being an old sportbike rider, I really don't enjoy larger flat straight roads but that is where I'm most relaxed and comfortable now with this contraption. I'm hoping with practice and seat time this will change and get back to the twisties. I am not even thinking about putting my black lab in the car yet as she is very skidish and I'm trying to introduce her very slowly. I did use some treats to get her in the car where I kept the top open and the motor off. She got in to get the treat and explored then got out when she wanted to. I did the same a couple of times the following day. When she gets more comfortable with that, I'll try closing the car with her in it. Then after she is comfortable with that, I'll start the motor and we will just sit in the driveway. Then a short slow trip around the block and finally move on to short trips. This is going to be a long process, especially since she has such a nervous / skidish personality.
But at least she and I are making progress, however slow it might be.


years ago i had a chow who loved riding in the sidecar of one of the old police bikes i had.i did tie her collar to the foot rest so she couldnt jump out.the sidecar had a windshield and she always rode leaning out with her face in the wind..she took to the sidecar on the first ride and i never had any trouble with her .i never put goggles on her but i can see that it is a good idea if the dog will wear them.

Very nice rig!

Barley is a hunting dog. Whatever he sees with feathers or fur he wants and often lunges for. So he is always tethered in the sidecar. As for Doggles, we have an arrangement. If he stays behind the screen I push them up on top of his head. If he wants the wind in his face he comes over to me so I can tug them down over his eyes.

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You can barely see Colby, my black lab, but I promise she is there. This was her first ride and I kept it short in order not to spook her. She seemed to really like it but she would find it much more enjoyable without the top or windows but I'm afraid we are a month or so before that weather arrives here.

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Way to go!! We look forward to seeing more pics of Colby on the road.

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