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Sidecar Operator's Manual by Hal Kendall

Click on the link below to read Hal's work. It's a big file, so be patient. If you have a dial up connection, you can also get this and all of Hal's books on a CD from him. Details are at the end of this message.

Hal Kendall, noted sidecar authority and founding member of the United Sidecar Association, has asked that we post the following books to the website in their entirety. When I asked Hal what prompted him to make such a generous offer, he replied as follows;

“The reason for giving the manuals to the USCA, and making them available at cost via CD-ROM from my home is that safety should NOT be something that needs to be BOUGHT if you can't afford it. If you believe in it, it must be freely shared.”

If you want a CD, just drop Hal an e-mail at the price is $10 for US address, $15 for overseas.

That link no longer seems to work…




It is located on the main menu under "Sidecar Tech", then click on "Sidecar Operators Manual." Or click here:

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DRONEDave Skudlarek
"I ride because it frees my mind from the tyranny of petty things."

Hal Kendal was also the USCA historian, after he passed no one took on the roll.  Terry member # 3 said no thank you.


Whatever happened to the history? Does anyone have any documents? 

"I ride because it frees my mind from the tyranny of petty things."

I guess they are with Hal 's  family.  When Hal was alive I bought a CD from him of all the Sidecarist from day one.  After I looked at it. I gave it to Richard to sell copies in the club store.  After Richard died no one found it.  Who even has a CD player anymore.